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problems playing media files from sd card and 16gb usb driveGeneral

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  1. brown80

    brown80 New Member

    I have had the galaxy tab since xmas , the main problems i have had are with playing media from my 32gb san disk sd card and my 32gb san disk usb flash drive. i have formatted both to fat 32. Once i have begun playback of movies etc the player shuts down and refuses to play files. Usually after this , i am told my s.d card is blank . My sd card is not blank or damaged. When i try and play files from my 32gb flash i struggle to get the tab 2 to recognize and open the contents of the flash drive. Once i finally access the files i begin playback of movie/tv then an error occurs, playback stops and the tab will not recognize the flash drive anymore. the files i am playing are only avi's . Is anybody else having similar problems. One of the main reasons i bought the tab 2 over the i pad was to play these media files, have enough storage for my movies, music etc. the usb adapter is also fine, I have bought 2 and have had the same problem with both.
    Also in answer to persons wondering about using larger mass storage devices, i do not believe the tab 2 will recognize them as i have tried my own to no avail, have also been on other forums stating this.

  2. brown80

    brown80 New Member

    would be grateful of any information and experience anyone can offer me. Thanks all!
  3. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Tried you different players, eg. MX Player?

  4. brown80

    brown80 New Member

    Yes harry , i installed the mx player, hasnt changed anything. Files will play and then stop after 15/ 20 mins. Although when i play these avi's it doesnt give me the option of using the mx player
  5. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    MX Player is able to play .avi ... but you'd go in its Settings > Decoder ... and uncheck H/W Decoder and check S/W Decoder for Lokal.

    Using the other players S/W decoder instead their H/W decoder might even solve your playback stopping problem.


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