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  1. I don't have high hopes getting an answer for this because this forum isn't particularly active and Google has been useless enough to suggest that nobody else is experiencing this, but it's worth a try, right?

    Last night, while playing around with my new Motorola XPRT, I attempted to get some music on it. It was kind of a challenge to figure out how, but eventually I managed to sync with Windows Media Player. WMP was having a grand old time -- told me that everything was going great.

    When I opened the XPRT's media player, though, it couldn't find any music. Said I didn't have any on my SD card. Now, here's where it gets weird. When I viewed my SD card in Windows Explorer, I saw a different file structure than I saw on the phone's file manager. Don't get me wrong, it was similar, but it was nonetheless different, with a major difference being that I could see all the music in Windows but not on the phone. Windows Explorer and the phone even disagreed on the storage capacity of the SD card! Windows thought it was 3.8 GB; the phone itself claimed it was only about 1.5 GB. This is total space I'm talking about, not available space.

    I tried a bunch of things to fix this, including reformatting the SD card, but nothing worked. Does this sound at all familiar? Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here?

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    What type of file format is your music? I have mp3's on mine and have no issues using the stock music player
  3. They're all MP3s, basically.
  4. I just figured this out -- just sitting around, and suddenly it hit me out of nowhere. Boy, did I do something pretty dumb: I was syncing the music to another SD card, for my camera, which was in my PC. That's why the phone and Windows were reading the SD card as different sizes -- because it was two different cards! Sheesh, I'm embarrassed.
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