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  1. MisterBigWill

    MisterBigWill New Member

    Hi all - my first post on Android forums which I have so far found very helpful for Android-related issues!

    My Galaxy S2 on T-Mobile in the UK has been working fine until the ICS update. Noticable problems I began to experience with it were a huge increase in battery drain and background RAM usage, and that I was not receiving some, but not all, of my texts and calls. I know this as my poor girlfriend keeps complaining I wasn't getting back to the texts she sometimes sends several times a day!

    I know the issue may be similar with calls, as I was sent a message on Facebook from a friend asking me to call her back, thought I had not received no call from her on my phone and nothing from her showed on the call log. The problem with texts seems to be worse (though I cannot know for sure) and is apparently without pattern.

    After calling Samsung, they advised I perform a factory reset, which I did. It solved the battery life problems but not the main issue the texts I'm not receiving.

    I am interested if anyone else has this problem on their S2 following the update, especially as the problems with ICS seem to vary hugely with each individual phone.

    More importantly though, if anyone has a solution to this problem (and to fixing all the ICS bugs, though maye that's asking too much ;)) as an alternative to sending my phone back to Samsung for 7-10 days, I would be very grateful!


  2. MisterBigWill

    MisterBigWill New Member

    No other people have problems receiving calls or texts post-ICS update?
  3. Max10128

    Max10128 New Member

    You're not the only one with a problem...

    I'm running ICS 4.0.3 and since the update, if someone calls me, it shows the call on the screen, but it doesn't ring and texts don't bleep which is just a bit annoying. Occasionally, you hear a tone, the screen flashes green and then it continues silently showing the caller.

    I also noticed all my contacts no longer show their Facebook profile pic which isn't actually a problem, just something I spotted.

    Once I've backed up all 100+ contacts to an excel file, I will factory reset the phone as this is what Samsung suggested. I have already tried backing up the contacts and doing a reset, however the problem still exists. So only one option left before I consider upgrading to a newer phone. :(

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