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Problems Running Emulator

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  1. j0nesy

    j0nesy New Member

    Hi all,
    just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction with the problem im having.

    Ive installed the Android SDK kit, Eclipse Version:
    Build id: 20100917-0705 & Latest JAVA SDK as per instructions in the tutorials I have read.

    Next ive created my AVD as per instructions, but alas, whenever I start the emulator, all I see (on the picture of the phone screen) is a black screen with the word 'android' in the middle, no menus or icons as in the (numerous) tutorials.

    Ive tried un and re-installing all software, to no avail....please somebody help me before I go mad....lol

    Many thanks....

  2. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    *sigh*... I am really getting tired of answering this question... Does no one ever search?

    At any rate, that is the boot-up screen of the emulator... Just wait, it will eventually come up (it takes a while).
  3. j0nesy

    j0nesy New Member

    Wow, i cant believe it was that ! (although it does take about 10 mins to fully load on my rubbish PC! - I feel an upgrade coming on...)

    In my defence, I did try to search for the answer, but to no avail! Im not as good at searching as I first thought...lol

    Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction, now I can try to get to grips with some coding...

    Cheers Mutchly,
  4. paulscode

    paulscode Well-Known Member

    In defense of a few people who have asked this question before, on some computers (such as my netbook), the AVD will not ever finish booting (even if I let it run overnight, it is still on the "Android" screen when I wake up in the morning). I suppose I could wait for two or three days, but that might hamper my development time-lines. AVD bootup only takes about 30 seconds on my main PC, so there can be a pretty big variation in how much time is required. So moral of the story: it is best to run the thing on a real computer :D.

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