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  1. soc2661

    soc2661 New Member

    not sure where to post... I am a T-mobile user and have the "my touch" by HTC... several weeks ago I picked up my phone and it said there was an Andriod update available so I downloaded and installed it. I got some nice new features and lots of slow, sluggish problems I didn't have before... I also keep getting error messages when trying to use the browser or even just a simple text... can I go back? what will I lose? HELP PLEASE


  2. txsuprgurl

    txsuprgurl New Member

    I received my update right before Thanksgiving and I love the new features on it but have been having a lot of issues with my phone since the update. I'm not receiving calls, calls are being dropped, and phone keeps freezing up. I took my phone into the store to have them take a look at it and they replaced my sims card and restored my phone back to factory settings but I'm still having the same issues. It's a pain becuase now I have to find time to go back to the store again or find time to call the suppose line to find out what's going on.....UGH!
  3. afrias65

    afrias65 New Member

    Okay, so I'm not the only one. I also have a my touch and the same thing happened right before Thanksgiving, I updated and my phone completely crashed (nothing worked) so they sent me a new on, I once again updated n it crashed again. Does t mobile not understand that the my touch cannot handle these updates. They need to just get rid of the old my touch n give us the new one.
  4. jfs4

    jfs4 New Member

    Agreed. Mine was updated before Thanksgiving. I have the following new functionality:
    • Camera will not take a picture. Ever.
    • Gallery will not work. Ever.
    • Navigation does not work. Ever.
    • Many other apps downloaded from the store do not work.
    • Stacktrace reporting tool sometimes does not work.
    The problem is always "ANR keyDispatchingTimeOut," and there are many articles on how to address this if you are the application programmer. To see if this is your problem, select "Report" when you get the force close menu and preview the message with the stacktrace information. My (limited) understanding of the root cause is that the programmer misuses the "main" thread of the app. It appears to me that T-mobile pushed incorrectly implemented software to our phones which damaged our ability to enjoy the product.

    Has anybody gotten relief from T-mobile on this? Let alone with an out of warranty phone? I haven't got any satisfaction yet.
  5. KimG84

    KimG84 New Member

    My phone also did an update, it is now very slow, not showing me who is calling until its too late for me to pick up the phone. Its very frustrating!!!!!!
  6. pduerksen

    pduerksen New Member

    I'm having the EXACT same issues. What can we do about it?

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