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Problems since updateSupport

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  1. Linx

    Linx Well-Known Member

    Ever since I did the last update I've been having issues regarding my alarm clock. I have two alarms set for the morning and the first one doesn't give me an audible ring. I get the choice to snooze or end the alarm but no alarm. I checked the volume settings and all settings are fine. The other problem is I don't get the briefing anymore. Again I Che ked all settings and it's all correct. But at the time of alarm it plays the jingle before the briefing, goes quiet for a second, then goes to the alarm ringing. Every once in a while I'll get the briefing but it's rare. Anyone else experiencing these problems?

  2. Raistlin1158

    Raistlin1158 Well-Known Member

    Do you get any issues if you only set on alarm ?

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