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Problems staying connected to wifiSupport

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  1. jagerhound

    jagerhound New Member

    Sorry if I've missed this somewhere (I did try a search). I only got my Defy yesterday, and I'm having problems staying connected to my wifi set up at home. Sometimes it will connect ok, but other times, I have to "forget" the connection and re-enter the password, and even then it won't always connect. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an app or something I can use to fix this? Thanks!

  2. scrannel

    scrannel Well-Known Member

    1) Which version phone usa/t-mo or?
    2) 2.2 or 2.1?
    3) Does it work on other wifi networks?
  3. jagerhound

    jagerhound New Member

    Hi scrannel
    1) It's the South African version
    2) 2.1
    (I haven'tupdated it all yet)
    3) I don't have access to any other networks (free wi-fi is almost non-existant!)

    I'm starting to think it is something to do with my wi-fi router, although I'm not really sure how to check (I'm a total noobie)
  4. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    Well that could be a good place to look. Unplug your modem & router for ten mins, make a cup of tea or something. Then plug in your modem, & wait for a few minutes. Plug your router back in & then see if you're getting constant web with your phone or other things. Do you have any other computers, if so, are they keeping connection on WiFi?

    You could even reset the router. There must be a small hole on it for sticking a pen into it for reset, or a tiny button. Wait a few mins then get back on your internet, put in your address bar. Since you reset the router, it will be "admin" & password will now be, password. You should then be in the setup pages of your router. Have a look around the setting pages & there'll be one for setting up your router login. It'll be a page that asks you to select WEP, or WPA2 PSK security. Basically where it says "none" or "WEP" try to avoid these as you can be hacked. Go for the WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES].
    You can change the routers name there as well (SSID broadcast).

    Don't be shy of the router as you can reset it (it reverts to "admin" & "password" when you do that) but please, change the password to something better so that only people in your house can use it!

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