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  1. hondachik34

    hondachik34 New Member

    I currently have a Samsung Intercept. This was sent to me to replace the Moment I had that was having issues. I'm still having a problem with texting. At first I thought it was the phone but now it seems bigger than that and Sprint is extremely unhelpful. I have 3 people that are having trouble getting my texts. All on different carriers. The main one is to a Verizon customer. Unless I'm sitting right next to him, he isn't getting my texts. I've gotten his on occasion but sometimes delayed or not at all. I tested it last night and while next to him, he got my text and I got his. However, once I was home and texted him, he never got it. It's not just my house because I've tried texting from other locations too. I've hard reset the phone, I've had Sprint walk me through updating profiles, etc. It's been upgraded to the 2.2 in the store. It's a brand new phone! Can anyone help me with this?? It's causing quite a deal of stress in my life and need it fixed. I can't afford to switch from Sprint right now either so I'm kind of stuck.

  2. harvickchick

    harvickchick Well-Known Member

    I can't really offer any help but I do know how much that sucks!!
    My old AT&T phone and my ex boyfriend NEVER got along! It was very stressful.

    I hope you can get it taken care of!
  3. bigdave757

    bigdave757 Member

    Are you using the stock sms that came with the phone? i read some where that there is a bug or something going on with the stock sms app. Try using Go SMS or Handcent sms app in the market. Hope that can fix your issue
  4. hondachik34

    hondachik34 New Member

    I've been using the stock app. I started having problems when using the Hancent app so I removed it. Then, Sprint sent me another phone and I didn't re-install it as it didn't seem to help before. It's just strange that only certain phones can't receive my texts and on occasion they will go through just fine and we can carry on a normal conversation. If I wait a few hours, they stop getting my texts again.

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