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Problems trying to update to gingerbread/honeycombSupport

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  1. dancequeen

    dancequeen New Member

    hi I'm new and I hope I'm posting in the right thread. I'm using my phone to type so please excuse if there's any random words in this post that don't make sense.

    I'm having trouble trying to update to really anything from eclair, I want to download and use the ice cream sandwich keyboard that's available from the market by johnnami(?) But I can't find it directly from the android market app. This phone is from the optus network (i dunno if there are any aussies here) which was unlocked so I put my virgin sim in and it works (dunno if that's the reason I can't update).

    I tried updating by connecting to my computer via usb and samsung kies but nothing happens (i dont even know how to add music/photosor anything else on my phone so ifsomeone could kindlypoint me in the right direction it'd be great:))

    What am I doing wrong/not doing? Computer is running windows xp and I don't like swype (since I don't know how to swype words with double letters w/o there being a gap).

  2. dancequeen

    dancequeen New Member

    Don't worry with swype I've figured it out. I just need hello trying to upgrade/update my idevice to gingerbread/honeycomb (ice cream sandwich would be nice).

    Also is there a way to get better/stronger wi-fi reception? I'm literally less than 5m away from the wi-fi modem/tower-thing and my SGS is really struggling with only one bar :confused:

    I literally joined this particular forum because I thought someonewould be able to help, guess I was wrong...
  3. bernardwhistle

    bernardwhistle Active Member

    If you purchased your mobile device from a retail store & its still under guarantee, supply your proof of purchase & ask them to send it to their authorised repair centre. They should be able to upgrade it to Gingerbread 2.3.3. You shouldn't have to pay anything. That's what
    I did.

    Re honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb is not for mobiles. Ice Cream Sandwich will not work on the Samsung Galaxy i9000t because of technological differences. between this model, and the new Galaxy 2. A lot of owners are very disappointed, about this, but it ultimately it's up to Samsung who decide.
    You won't know that right now Google are working on the next update codenamed Jellybean! Technology moves too fast these days. Its true! But I can assure you, once you have Gingerbread installed, it s a great upgrade!! You will really love it.
    Bernard Kinney.
  4. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    As for your Wi-Fi issue, that's just the way it is with the Galaxy S. I only have to move into a different room in the house and the phone loses one bar on the Wi-Fi signal strength metre, whereas my Nokia retains full strength whichever room I'm in.


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