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  1. psh111

    psh111 New Member

    I have big problems whit recharge time , if any one can help me whit a solution.

    I plug the AC in the wall and i just wait , after 4 hours the batter was on 42 % ... what's wrong whit this phone when it come to recharge it .

    On my AC write only 200mA , and it's an original cable , but honestly i don't think so .

    Can any one help me with this , cuz it's insane , i put him to recharge but if i whant to make something whit phone , it decrase the life batter even if the phone it's plug in to the wall recherger . i have android 2.3.4 on my N1, but i think this update is really a big problem .

  2. psh111

    psh111 New Member

    no one know nothing ?
  3. MrQuietguy

    MrQuietguy Member

    Are you saying that your charger will only provide 200ma? That's not enough. Even with the charger plugged in, if you are using the phone, it could use more than 200ma. Especially if using GPS which uses a lot more. I would suggest getting a charger that can provide 1000 ma.

    If you are charging it from a USB port on your computer, perhaps that particular port cannot provide the necessary current. Try a different port, and be sure it is a powered port (not a port on an unpowered external port replicator, for example).
  4. Dolmangar

    Dolmangar Well-Known Member

    Things to try,
    1. A new usb cable
    2. Different USB ports
    3. Another AC charger - it's standard and many phones should have the same charger
    4. Replace the battery - or at least try another one to see if it just won't take the charge

    5. I guess you should also verify that the USB port on the N1 doesn't have something stuck in the port, like a big ball of lint that might be limited which pins are connecting.

    The update to 2.3.4 isn't the issue. However you should make sure you reboot, and if all else fails you could do a reset to see if that clears it up.

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