Problems with 2.2 since updateSupport

  1. McChazo

    McChazo Active Member

    Has anyone else been having these problems? Ever since updating to the RUU 2.2 I have had the following continually happen and it is pretty frustrating. and yes, I did a full factory reset

    1) While in an app and clicking the home button, instead of going to the main home screen it sits 2 screens to the right of the home page, but on the dock says its on the home page, swyping to the left resets itself

    2) the dock buttons will randomly stack on top of eachother ( the + ^ and phone button) they all just pile on eachother all the way to the right of the screen and are just no longer usable til i restart the phone

    3) when clicking on a notification in the notif window a lot of time it will switch to landscape, then back to portrait, then i have to click on the notification again to get it to load

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Guides Guide

    Kind of sounds like the phone is lagging for some reason, do you get these issues with no apps installed? other than the bloatware Verizon put on there.

    Are you rooted? if not I'd try bringing it to Verizon if you can duplicate the issue easily and they might give you a new phone right on the spot.
    If you are rooted there's lots of other options you can try.
  3. McChazo

    McChazo Active Member

    no idea if it happens with no apps installed

    i am rooted but im currently just using the default rom, nothing changed besides s-off and root

    perhaps i should just wipe it and try a customized rom from here?

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