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Problems with Accounts & Sync SettingsSupport

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  1. MisterEz

    MisterEz Member

    I've just got a UK version of this tablet - the AT300. I'm having a serious problem with it and I'm wondering if anyone can help...

    The problem is that any account profiles that get stored within the "Accounts & Sync" area of Android get automatically removed after a little while, usually just after I reboot the tablet.

    This means that after I set up my Hotmail email account, my Twitter account & my Dropbox account, the settings will all be lost and I have to start all over again. I've set up a different tablet running Android ICS with these same applications/accounts and it all works fine.

    Anyone else have or heard of a problem like this - have I got a duff tablet, or is there a wider problem with Android running on a Toshiba device??

  2. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    After restart user apps and data mot wipe?
  3. MisterEz

    MisterEz Member

    Sorry - not sure what you mean...?

    I've done a factory reset (several times) and the problem always occurs.
  4. Leroy Bad

    Leroy Bad Member

    Does your Android version end in 60515 is the Service Station?
    Is the Account and Sync turned On?
    Have you created a Google Account?

    Go to Backup & Reset and make sure everything is checked and make sure the backup account is the actual Google Account (Gmail).
  5. MisterEz

    MisterEz Member

    Hi - can't check the version number as I haven't got the tablet with me... its actually boxed up waiting to be returned & replaced. Is there something about that number that I should be aware of? A known problem or a faulty batch...?

    Account and sync was definitely turned on, and I've tried with both an existing Google account and a newly created one set as the backup account. I've reset the tablet to factory settings so many times trying different things, but this fault always occurs.
  6. Leroy Bad

    Leroy Bad Member

    The version number is the most current. If you have something less than that, then you could try upgrading. Your best option is to return it for an exchange.
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  7. Anelej

    Anelej New Member

    Hi, I'm not sure in which topic to post this question. Anyway, is it possible to use Messenger chat (when u log in ur Hotmail acc, small window on the left) from android? I've been trying and I can see when my firend is online, but can not type, the window keeps closing. Is it even possible to do that? Thanks.
  8. Leroy Bad

    Leroy Bad Member

    First first try a different browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. If not see if there is an app in the store.
  9. Anelej

    Anelej New Member

    Tried Firefox - not working. Will try other 2, thanks a lot!

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