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Problems with Android 4.0.4 Data Usage

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  1. fontimania

    fontimania New Member


    I have a Sony Xperia S which I have upgraded to ICS about 1 month ago. I have noticed that there is WAY TOO MUCH date usage going on, c. 1.5gb per month, and I am a very low level user. 70% of this seems to be coming from Android OS whcih makes no sense. I disabled the "Back up my data" option but that has barely affected usage.

    Any advice would be grately appreciated


  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Hi fontimania, welcome to Android Forums.

    Not sure if your ICS device has it, try going into Settings > Data usage > You should see a list of what apps and services are using data, and how much data each app is using.
  3. fontimania

    fontimania New Member

    Mike, thanks for coming bak to me! I have looked there but it just says "Android OS". I can't narrow down what's been using the update any more than that. Have a look at the screen shots (edit: I can't upload photos at this stage)
  4. fontimania

    fontimania New Member

    Turns out it was all that porn I was watching at work that was caning the data allowance. Who'd have thunk it would show up as Android OS usage?

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