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Problems with ANT+Support

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  1. Seb83

    Seb83 Member

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anyone can help at all? I've recently upadated the phone and I've noticed that there is supposed to be ANT+ functionality now.

    (Great I thought - I can hook up a heart rate monitor that doesn't cost loads like the Bluetooth ones and use it with MyTracks)

    The problem is, on the Android Marketplace on the phone, it doesn't even pick up any ANT+ apps (except MyTracks and some other fitness app) and trying to download it online via PC it just says the phone isn't compatible with ANT apps.

    Is this something SE are sorting out as something's gone wrong? I've read the SE blog but there's no real answer in there.

  2. donetus

    donetus New Member

    you can try "Instant Heart Rate' ..
    with or without ANT+, it still works though. i'm currently using build number .24
  3. tm2

    tm2 New Member

  4. Seb83

    Seb83 Member

    Yes, but therein lies the problem. Apparently the marketplace doesn't think that the app is compatible with my phone. I don't know if the update has been rolled out before the marketplace has been updated to allow downloading onto SE phones?

    I guess I'll just have to wait and see!
  5. tm2

    tm2 New Member

    With the same disclaimer as last time...

    I remember seeing comments on other groups which made it sound as though the "not compatible with this phone" error wasn't really about ANT+ dependencies but was caused by sloppy packaging of that application's .apk, which (IIRC) unnecessarily declared a required display resolution that presumably was right for one of the Xperia models but not for all of them.
  6. frehley1974

    frehley1974 New Member

    I faced the same problem on my Xperia X8 androphone, I bought especially to have Ant+ connexion.
    The Android Market forbid me to install Ant Radio Service, stating my cell phone was not Ant enabled :(.
    I finally solved it using "Android Injector" a free windows app that install package directly *.apk package on your phone in USB debug mode.
    The "Ant Radio Service" package can be found on the "thisisant" web site (Android API if I'm correct). And that's all.
    Now it works and I can read and record my Garmin HRM and Cadence + Speed sensor on Endomondo :)
    Sportypal Pro I think can also do the same but only for HRM.

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