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Problems with auto correctSupport

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  1. mkeegz

    mkeegz New Member

    Since the latest Android OS update on my Samsung galaxy S3 mini, the auto-complete function has come to irritate me no end.

    I had previously set it to only auto-complete once I had typed 4 continuous letters. Since the update. It starts suggesting words the instant I type the first letter of said word.

    What is weirder is that there is no longer a place where I can set this behaviour. And I can not use predictive text without it. Predictive text and auto-complete are now one setting. And they are on a binary on off switch. You either have it or you dont. There is no sensitivity setting.

    I am fed up with having to access a drop down menu to basically select a nice simple short 3 letter word off a list. I cant even type the word "the" without it suggesting various longer words like theology, and not suggesting "the" as the first one so that i can simply hit space and move on with my messaging.

    Has the place where you set this moved to some mystery location known only to the developers, or am i missing something. Until they give back an auto-complete length function (IE only suggesting a word once I reach a set number of letters that I have chosen), I will not be using predictive text.. And please, forum users, don't suggest downloading a 3rd party application that costs money. I don't think its fair that I have to spend extra money to retrieve a function that used to work perfectly well on the vanilla product

  2. leeroys

    leeroys New Member

    I am having a simular problem with my S3 mini as well except I am un-able to find/use auto complete at all. On my galaxy ace I use auto-completion and it works great but with my S3 mini it gives me suggested words but does not complete the words in the text field. In the settings I only have a toggle for predictive text as well and cannot find a toggle for auto completion. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  3. ftolosana

    ftolosana New Member

    When typing an sms, tap on the settings icon (cog) at bottom
    then with the Predictive text ON, long tap it till a new (and hidden menu) comes up, there antique auto-replacement. Nightmare over!:smokingsomb:
  4. ftolosana

    ftolosana New Member

    antique= un-tick!

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