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  1. joeyp

    joeyp Member

    Hi all,

    I downloaded and installed Fontomizer from the marketplace yesterday and then downloaded a new font from this app. I decided I didn't particularly like the new font, so uninstalled the font and the Fontomizer app. The problem is that my phone is still using the new font I downloaded!

    I have switched the phone off and back on, checked and double checked that I have uninstalled the font and app and really don't know what else to do!!

    Can anybody help me, please?? :confused:

  2. galxfit

    galxfit New Member

    Same thing happened with me!! what u need to do is just uninstall the application completely.Then if u have rooted your phone then install "font installer*ROOT*" from market and change the font using worked for me ..if you dont have root access the try the same thing with fontomizer i think it will work!! (STILL the previous font remains in your phone I m finding solution for that ...)
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  3. joeyp

    joeyp Member


    Forgive me for sounding really thick, but how do I root the phone?? Sorry, complete technophobe here!

  4. galxfit

    galxfit New Member

    you can root your phone without using your pc( i used the same method )
    for this you must have the internet connection on your mobile( if you want to do it by using pc check youtube or google for rooting galaxy fit coz i havent tried it)
    the procedure for this is given in following link..
    this is the best way!! it worked for me!!
    Hope this helps!

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