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problems with google after turning my phone off

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  1. booboo32

    booboo32 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 14, 2010
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    i have just got my first android phone, but having some problems with google
    it seems every time i turn my phone off then back on, it wont sync with google or let me download apps from market, i have searched the internet and tried a lot of solutions like clearing catch, re sync remove sim unload sd card etc etc, i have even tried on wireless network to. but nothing works for me, its really bugging me, the only way it re syncs is to un-install an app, it then syncs instantly, i can then download again from market. but when i power phone off again, its back to no sync and have to un-install another app.
    its really doing my head in now, has anyone got suggestions.
    my phone is a Samsung galaxy portal with 3G


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