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  1. KBABY

    KBABY Active Member


    Ive had my desire hd for a month now and I created a sense acc and the locator etc worked fine. However today when I tried to log into the sense on my pc the email or password wasnt recognised, nor was a new one that was emailed to me. So i deleted the htc account on my phone and reset one up via a different email address. I can now get the the htc sense home screen but the locator etc says that I do not have the locator switched on on my phone but I do.

    Anyone know how I can resolve this otherwise the htc sense is pretty worthless.


  2. scousedroid

    scousedroid Member

    It works for some, doesn't work for others. It sounds like you've had more success than some people however if it doesn't work now then unfortunately it seems to have been rendered useless. How to resolve it? HTC's response is in this thread: In short, they know it's broke and they're trying to fix it but the fix is a long time coming.

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