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  1. nerd24

    nerd24 New Member

    I recently added the app LC (Live Chat). Everything was working fine except I wasn't able gto upload a pic for my profile. It kept coming up with an error message stating
    "Unable to upload cropping error, is there enough free space in you SD card." Something along those lines. I didn't think the free space on a SD card had anything to do with uploading a pic to my profile. Also, I have a Galaxy Nexus, there is no SD card. I tried to uninstall the program and then reinstall it. It just goes back to my original profile with the same old problem.. can't upload a pic. Is there anyway I can fix this problem. Or delete the old app and reinstall it to have a completely new profile. Please help. I uninstalled LC till I can figure this out.


  2. MellowYellowQ

    MellowYellowQ New Member

    Im having the same problem now too :/

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