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    Mar 4, 2011
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    hello all,

    so i had purchased the milestone xt720 during this past christmas and i have to say its a pretty good phone to start me off with android phones.

    its been working great but i have had some problems with it recently that are starting to concern me:

    1) it calls people without my prompting it to
    2) screen has no icons and they come back up slowly
    3) its rebooting more and more
    4) had a false battery read one time
    5) getting force closed out of stuff
    6) sometimes not getting texts
    7) unresponsiveness sometimes
    8) unlock screen and other screens go sideways though i know it shouldnt be doing that nor is it capable of doing it
    9) goes to multmedia dock or motodrive mode when i unlock and the app runs without showing anything and i have to force close it.

    and so forth

    again its good and these have been minor but i need to buy some time till this summer when i get switched over to verizon.

    right now its running on 2.1 and i have very few apps on it.

    so what can i do to extend the life of my phone and maybe fix it? it wont get the upgrade to 2.2 for a while so i need a way to fix my problem and keep the phone running.

    i contacted motorola and all they could tell me was to send it to them to fix or get the phone switched out which i dont think either is going to fix my problems nor can i be without my phone for a while.

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    Mar 21, 2011
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