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Problems with MMS with GO SMS.....General

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  1. Julian93

    Julian93 Member

    I would like to start off by saying that everything on my phone functions great. I can call, use the web, whatever just fine. I have 4g connection almost all the time as well, so my data is always fast. My phone is also rooted. However, I'm having CONTINUOUS problems with MMS. A lot of times it'll work just fine. But then, randomly, sometimes I can't even receive MMS pictures (although I can send them just fine). I'll receive pictures and it'll say something like "the file.....png was deleted", and I won't be able to view it. Also, a lot of times my messages that I try sending (just text) completely refuse to go through. It'll show the icon under the message showing that it's sending, but it'll stay like that FOREVER. I've tried fixing the APN settings on the app with the manual MMSC settings, and still no luck. I also removed the stock messaging app as of yesterday hoping that it would maybe fix the problem, but it STILL continues to mess up randomly throughout the day. This is so god damn frustrating. I'll be texting my girlfriend perfectly fine from GO SMS, and then randomly it'll start acting up and all of a sudden my messages will refuse to send. And to clarify, it does this even if I have good connection to my network. Like I said, I know this because the icon that indicates that the message is sending refuses to disappear. And after a frustratingly long time, GO SMS will seem to start working again after a while. There are even sometimes when it'll show that my messages go through, but my girlfriend still tells me that she never got them!!! WTF!!! This is on and off, and it's very, very annoying.

    Does anyone else have this problem? What are some additional settings I can change, or things that I can do to the phone that might possibly fix this problem? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! I can't be the only one :/ My phone is perfect aside from this issue.

  2. MotoTriumphant

    MotoTriumphant Well-Known Member

    For the MMS you need your data on in order to receive/send
  3. HereticSins

    HereticSins Well-Known Member

    Never delete the stock messaging. Try updating prl and also check if the same problems happen with the stock app. Go SMS and hand cent would do those things to me back then.
  4. Runner1505

    Runner1505 Active Member

    I'm having a problem sending pictures too but I did even when the phone was stock. It seems like it works whenever it wants to
  5. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

  6. Julian93

    Julian93 Member

    I already updated the prl and reinstalled the stock messaging app. And idk, this crap is confusing.... When I send messages through the stock app, I get an icon that symbolizes that the message was "recieved" in GO SMS. HOWEVER, when I view the same message I sent in the stock app, there's a red exclamation mark by it, as well as every other message that was previously sent in the stock app? What does this mean? And whenever I send a message through GO SMS, it says the same message failed to send whenever I check the status of it in the stock app? But here's the thing: Even though the stock app claims that the messages fail to send (the same ones sent from GO SMS), and the status of the messages in GO SMS say "pending", my gf is still able to see them (MOST of the time). I really just don't get it guys. If my SMS and messages were working properly, I'm sure I wouldn't be getting all these different stupid "pending" status reports from GO SMS, or all the "sent failed" reports from the stock messaging app.

    All I really need is advice on tweaking settings in apps or the phone that will make messaging more reliable....Please....You guys are my only hope.
  7. Julian93

    Julian93 Member

  8. Julian93

    Julian93 Member

    God damn it.....
  9. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    I had a few issues with the apps I used to use on another phone. I used to use Dolphin browser Mini, but for some reason on my Motion sites only load when I use Wi-Fi, i get no response when I'm using 4g. This might be your case as well.

    Also do you have SD card? maybe it's trying to download the image to SD card, but it just cant.
  10. Runner1505

    Runner1505 Active Member

    My problem was that one of the numbers when I did the set up was wrong so I fixed it while talking to a Metro rep. Once fixed I stop having internet all together so I did a factory reset and that fixed everything. Remember to save your contacts... I had deleted them from my previous phone after I transferred them to this one...bad idea
  11. Julian93

    Julian93 Member

    Yes, I have an SD card. I also did a factory reset a while ago after I first noticed the problem, but it didn't fix anything. I'm starting to think that it's just the network in the area, despite that I still always usually have decent connection with 4g. Most of the times I have no problems with texting at all, and I think it's not as bad as it used to be before for some reason. At least it seems that way anyways. I still don't know how to explain all the weird messaging reports that I always get though. No matter what my messages will almost always claim to "fail", even though they still go through (most of the time). My main problem is that sometimes when I send messages, it'll randomly get stuck "sending", and the messages will just refuse to go through. This happens a couple times a day, but it is still very annoying.
  12. peace3314

    peace3314 Member

    Maybe you could notify the Go SMS developer that you are having issues and let him know the phone model, the Android version (4.04 ICS) and see if is aware of issues and is working on them. Be very specific about what you did and what happened when you did it.

    Please let us know his solution if you do this.

    Here is the email address that I found:

    gomessanger@gmail.com (yes, he did spell messenger with an 'a' in every post in the blog...)

    Here is their site:

    GO Apps Official website - Free download GO Launcher, GO SMS, GO Weather, GO Contacts

    and their blog:

    GO SMS Pro

    Very cool stuff.
  13. Julian93

    Julian93 Member

    Bumpity bumps.
  14. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    Yea dont delete the stock messaging app, as it still works in the backround with the addon messeger

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