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Problems with mute functionality when using headsetSupport

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  1. dlna

    dlna New Member

    Hello everyone. I am on the road quite a bit and take business calls from my LG Thrill. I was using a bluetooth headset before but decided to switch to a corded headset so that I wouldn't have to worry about charging the bluetooth, pairing, etc.

    I just got the Plantronics M175 headset (which I have owned in the past and has excellent sound quality). The headset has a 2.5 mm connector so I got a 2.5mm -> 3.5 mm adaptor from ebay.

    Everything works great except: when I'm using my Thrill, the inline mute button on the headset does not work! Even if I turn the headset on mute, people on the other end can still hear me. Note, the mute button on the phone still works but it's a pain to operate the touch screen while driving to turn mute on and off (one of the reasons I got the Plantronics was because of the inline mute and volume control built into the cord of the headset). However, when i use the Plantronics headset at home with my cordless phone which has a 2.5 mm jack, the mute button on the headset works perfectly!

    So my question is this: is the mute function on the headset not working because of the adaptor (2.5 mm - > 3.5 mm) or is this an LG Thrill issue where it does not for some reason recognize the mute functionality on wired headsets.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Brazbit

    Brazbit Member

    Looking around the internet it seems like Android has a history of doing strange things with buttons on corded headsets. Often they don't work as advertised, instead performing other functions or nothing at all.

    There seems to be apps that let you assign functions to the button such as:
    Headset Button ControllerTrial
    Might be worth a try to see if you can coax some functionality out of it.
  3. dlna

    dlna New Member

    I would have thought a slider-type control on the headset was a hardware thing (it would physically cut off the sound). Anyway, I tried the software but that did not work either. Thanks for the suggestion.


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