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    Jun 6, 2012
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    so out of the blue my evo started acting up. Ill be typing a text and the phone will lock up, if i hit the power button to put it in sleep mode and bring it back out the text will work then and i can finish. Sometimes my phone will just jump to another program or function but i havent touched anything, or it will try to delete an item off my desktop for no reason. I was reading up on how to swipe my phone and return it to original factory settings, is that the right first step for me? I use android sync manager to back up my phone, can i just do a restore and get all my stuff back after (im paranoid of swiping my phone b/c my whole life is on here). Any other suggestions? Does anyone know why sync manager doesnt back up your calendar, i see the option but its greyed out. Any help appreciated, and im not real phone savy so talk slow and dont use big words.


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