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  1. brandon92

    brandon92 New Member

    hi im new to the forums and this is my first post

    i love my galaxy s3 however just recently my screen will become unresponsive when im trying to unlock the phone. the phone screen will stay black and none of the buttons respond. its almost asif the phone has been turned off as it is completely unresponsive. eventually it will start responding and then i can use my phone again.

    it has done this several times when i have received a phone call and therefore im unable to answer the phone. i am running ics 4.0.4 and the phone is unlocked uk version.

    has anyone else experienced this problem? if so what did you do to resolve it. i have searched for updates through kies but no luck :(

  2. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

  3. kekej

    kekej New Member


    I have the same problem, I have now tryed the factory reset 3 time and still no change. Do you still have the same problem or have you find a solution?
  4. brandon92

    brandon92 New Member

    As stupid as it sounds do u have a screen protector which is dirty near the sensors at the topof the phone (next to the camera) if so change the screen protector. Thats what was making my screen go dodgy. After i replaced my screen protector, its been fine since:)
  5. kekej

    kekej New Member

    Yes I have a Screen Protector but not so close to the sensors (1-2 mm). The phone works all day without any problems but in the morning when I want to turn of the wake up alarm the screen i "almost" black, I can see a little bit of the screen. But locking and unlocking the screen a couple of times then it works again. The biggest problem is when I go outside and the phone gets around +10 - 15 degrees Celisius the screen stays black for 10-15 minutes before I can use it again. That's a big problem when you live in a country that can get to -30 degrees Celsius in the winter.
  6. sorka

    sorka Well-Known Member

    I started having exactly the same issue right after the verizon update last month. I've had to do battery pulls almost daily and it's really getting on my nerves. My screen protector is not near the sensors. Also, when it occurs, my phone will not receive calls, so I think it's more than just a blank screen. Several times it's occurred while on a call though and the call continues, but there's not want to hang up or turn the phone off. You just have to pull the battery.
  7. bleuscyther

    bleuscyther New Member

    Hi all,
    this i a issue found in all touch tech. The firmware may have a persistent setting that stays even after a factory reset.

    What i did to fix it :
    • closed the phone
    • removed the battery for 30mns
    • put a new SD card

    Before that :
    1) i unlocked the screen ( it makes a sound when you have it correctly - you should put your earphone on)
    2) i put the phone in debbuge mode (used several screen shots to navigate their-slide my palm on the screen )
    3) i used myphoneexplorer to see the screen on my PC.
    4) i updated to Jelly Beans ( still wasn't working)
    5) i did a factory reset

    But i am note sure that was necessary. Tell me if that works

    You can also try to send some command to Google Now and another phone with Beam to run some back up apps. :D
  8. galaxys3sux

    galaxys3sux New Member

    Galaxy S3 is literally the worst phone ever built and Verizon is completely dishonest. I have been struggling with this since August. First the Wi-Fi would not work. Two days after the exchange deadline there was an update and the phone started having the black screen , will not respond to power or home button and will not answer calls. Phone rings, but you can not answer it and you lose the call. You also lose all record of the call and then you have no idea who called. Pull and replace battery and you can use your phone again.For a day a or so if you are lucky. Essentially leaves you without a phone.

    I have been round and round with Verizon for over 2.5 months now. Received two "like new replacement phones" ( a lie-they just send you somebody else's broken phone). Peformed many hard resets, removed SD card and run in safe mode. No good . ALL THREE GALAXY S3 PHONES still die anywere from 3 times a week to 12 times a day. Only happens after the required update loads itself against my wishes. Not 1 piece of downloaded software on the phone except their "update"

    I have now had 3 s3 phones with the exact same problem that can not be attributed to 3rd party software no matter how hard Verizon and Samsung insist that that is the culprit. There is no downloaded software! Which means that my phone is pretty much useless compared to my ancient droid2 that never had any sort of problem after 2 years in my pocket.

    What can I do? Sending me multiple faulty phones is not helping at all. I ma mising cals and textsleft and right. I paid Verizon top dollar for a device that has never worked correctly. All that money for a brick! VERIZON IS NOT AN HONEST COMPANY AND NO ONE SHOULD DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. They ABSOLUTELY do not back their products. Neither does Samsung. Their is obviously something wrong with the design if phone after phone has the same problem. Verizon should provide me with a comparable replacement, or at least a NEW phone. Not some oneelse's previously broken phone. They refuse to provide me with a functional device, but expect me to pay them Thousand$ more for the rest of my contract. If you do business with Verizon long enough, you will eventually find yourslf in my shoes.
  9. riuren

    riuren New Member


    I have the same problem... it always happen every time the temperature is cold... i just leave my s3 to my airconditioned room and afterwards, when i'm trying to unlock it, it all goes black. the buttons are light up, however the screen is still black... i remove the battery but still, the screen is black :confused:

    can someone help me with this?

    thank you very much.
  10. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    this is such a stupid noob answer but maybe ur makin the phone or battery colder than its spoze to be..............!?!..?

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