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Problems with official ICS update on Xperia proTips

  1. Madaditya

    Madaditya Member

    On my update to ICS using sone pc companion i find the following problems,
    1.Cant locate the screenshot shortcut
    2.Cant switch to the front facing camera
    3.Physical qwerty keypad reads 'a' for 'q' and vice-versa,same with 'w' and 'z'
    4.Don't have gps,wifi,bluetooth shortcuts in the notification bar.
    Please Help!

  2. M81162

    M81162 Active Member

    My wife has just upgraded to ICS and has the same problem with the qwerty keyboard. The solution is to send it to Sony so that they can downgrade it to the correct version of Android for your country. You can then upgrade again when you get it back.

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