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Problems with S4 MiniSupport

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  1. FXR1340

    FXR1340 Member

    Been experiencing some problems with my S4 Mini.

    Occasionally the screen is flickering and opening applications on its own without touching them.

    Can someone explain what is going on?

    Is this a common problem?

    Grateful for any assistance.

  2. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    Could be a dirty or damp screen, bad digitizer(touch screen control) or software issue. If the screen is clean try doing a factory data reset by going to settings-backup reset-factory data reset. This will reset your software so make sure you have anything you want saved backed up to your PC or the cloud.
  3. FXR1340

    FXR1340 Member

    Thanks for your response.

    How do I back up the content of my phone and then, after the factory reset has been initiated, how do I reload my phone with the data etc backed up?

    Grateful for your further assistance.

    EDIT: I plugged my phone in to my laptop and opened the files. Found 2 folders: Phone and Card. I opened each of these in turn and copied all the folders contained. I then copied each folder to my laptop.

    Is that sufficient?

    Should I be doing something more to ensure I get ALL my files, videos, pics etc from my phone backed up?
  4. Rojhan

    Rojhan Member

    Are you using a case with sensor? Try using S4 mini without a case. Sometimes the sensor of the case becomes faulty and can do what you are experiencing.

    Another cause can be using wrong charger. If you notice the mentioned behavior only when charging your device then your charger is faulty, use genuine charger.
  5. Rojhan

    Rojhan Member

    You only have to copy folders which contain your pictures, music, files and videos. DO NOT copy the folders which are system folders. System folders will be created when you format your phone and Memory Card.

    To backup your favorite softwares use a free back up software from 'Play Store'. I use 'App Backup & Restore'.
  6. FXR1340

    FXR1340 Member

    Thanks for all the responses.

    The handset has been returned for investigation.
  7. shaktimishra007

    shaktimishra007 New Member

    Can u please update how u solved the problem, because i am having the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S4.Please let me know if a software update can solve the issue.

    Shakti Mishra
  8. Herba

    Herba New Member

    I want to play my friends gyro compatible game from Google Play - Flyshout Gyro Clay Shooter , but this phone crashes after start.
    Samsung S4 works good, mini - not.
    What's wrong? Maybe gyro sensor not works?
  9. acelove83

    acelove83 Member

    It has to do with your settings. It flashes when app is running fora while. Check your settings and unclick the setting.
  10. Herba

    Herba New Member

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