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  1. bloodroyal

    bloodroyal New Member


    I recently left Vodafone to join Three. So far I have had no problems and am very happy with Three's service.

    I signed up for a 24 month contract, with an HTC Wildfire S handset.

    I have all the recent software/firmware updates installed on the handset.

    This last week I've been experienced four problems:

    1. After putting the phone through the most recent firmware/software update (requiring a full reboot) I had problems with me sms. When my phone rebooted it began sending back EVERY sms message on my phone to whoever sent them. E.G. Sending 512 messages to my girlfriend, 30 to my boss and countless other messages to friends and colleagues. After switching the handset off and back on, this problem was rectified, however it was a massive inconvenience and furthermore caused me to appear unprofessional to work colleagues. It was bizarrem however it seems to be sorted now.

    2. Not receiving some sms messages until hours after they are sent OR not receiving them at all.

    3. When people try to call me; my phone goes straight to answerphone even when I have full signal and not using the phone. This is proving a huge problem for my work.

    4. When I try to make calls it will often simply go on to the 'Dialing' screen, which would suggest that a connection is about to be made, but after 4-5 of nothing there is a small 'beep' and the 'Phone' screen simply returns to the 'Home' screen. In these situations after 3-4 failed attempts I have to switch off the handset and then switch it back on. Usually this fixes the issue, however only temporarily if at all. In some instances I have to switch my phone off and on several times to get it to work again.

    Although I think number (1) is rectified; I thought it may be worth making note of incase there is a link between this and the other three problems.

    I would very much appreciate some help / feedback on these four areas and hope my phone can get back to regular performance.

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried calling customer support of Three? If it's a network problem, maybe they can guide you and tell you what should be done
  3. bloodroyal

    bloodroyal New Member


    I have contacted them and waiting to hear back. I thought it was probably a problem with the network provider but wasn't too sure! Thank you, hopefully Three can sort it out.


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