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problems with stock music playerSupport

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  1. androiduzer

    androiduzer Member

    Hi, probably I haven't found every topic in this site about my problem (album artwork problems :mad:) but I've read some and tried a few solutions but the problem persists and don't know if a sticky is needed for this problem...

    So, I've used some programs to ID3 tag my mp3's but after trying many and realizing 'cover art downloader' from the market doesn't download the cover art for some rare music, I've sticked with the free mp3tag german software.

    Starting with /sdcard/Music empty, I copy few files (with album/cover art embedded/attached) lets say 10. Everything goes ok. But after I reboot or add more files, the shown album art for some is not the correct one.


    1. clearing the 'media storage' data and runnig rescanmedia from the market, and rebooting

    2. I once deleted a cache folder and album art showed ok but that was some time ago and I don't remember, so I looked if there was one and I haven't found any but the /sdcard/Album but it is now empty

    Any help would be very appreciated. I use the stock player btw.

    Samsung Galaxy SII
    Model number GT-I900
    Firmware Ver: 4.0.4

    P.S. As much as I'd pay for the recommended PowerAmp player, I don't get why a media player needs the permission to read phone calls... Is like those apps that need permission to take photos at ANY time ...crazy

  2. androiduzer

    androiduzer Member

    sorry for double posting:

    Well, seems again so far so good, toying with winamp (which seems to not embed/attach the cover art to the mp3 but only copy some image in the same folder where the music is) and the free mp3tag german software looks the only important thing is: check title, artist, album name. Winamp gets 'confused' using wrong album art in a similar way as the samsung stock player.

    It seems android software doesn't recognize when a track has an empty album name field. (Well, it recognizes the file of course but cover art is messed up)

    I hope when adding more songs I, and many people's unanswered posts about wrong covers/album images problems remember: those 3 important fields should be filled, one empty and whole library on phone gets confused

    I also cleared the 'media storage' app data (Settings->Applications->All->Media Storage)
  3. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Presumably so that it knows when to pause the music so that calls can be heard.
  4. androiduzer

    androiduzer Member

    Glad to know that about the phone calls, wonder if can be done in another way, I'm new to Android and maybe I'll develop an app, but for now is nice to have a site which concentrates so much info.

    Also just wanted to say, hopefully this post is helpful to some because I've seen quite some unanswered posts, some from 2011 lol, and yeap, maybe new phones don't get confused with empty fields in the mp3 tags but oh well... things are strange.

    P.S. sorry for any bad English, (yeap, read what your signature links say, I've seen that n00b pwning :alberteinstein:)
  5. vazizdaz

    vazizdaz Member

    I once had a similar problem, wrong artwork showing up, and in my case it was caused by different albums having exactly the same name (like 'Best of'), although the artwork was embedded in each singular mp3. Solution was to rename those albums by giving them unique names.

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