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  1. MrFrem82

    MrFrem82 Member

    Hi, I've some problem with wifi connections. I own a lynksis wag54g2 wifi router. I can establish a connection, but after some times (it's not standard, it may vary), my device disconnect from the router and it's not able to reconnect. All that i can do is plug off my router (i take off the ac adapter) and when it's up again my phone can connect. it's very frustating, but i don't know what to do? i've tried setting something in wifi preferences' on my phone but nothing change. i've also flashed my firmware to the new one, hoping that it could fix that problem, but it didn't. someone could help me?

    p.s. i wrote here because i can't find any specific topic for my phone, if i were wrong please move where it is supposed to be.

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  2. sitesme

    sitesme New Member

    I have exactly the same problem.

    I just bough a Galaxy 5 yesterday (GT-I5503) and I got it connected to my Wifi without any problems.
    I have a Linksys WAG54G2 using a WPA2 Personal security key and the Internet was working fine when I first connected. Browsing, Gmail, etc. all worked fine.

    After some hours, my connection broke, I turned off the Wifi on the phone, deleted and added the wifi connection again, I have even restored the mobile to its factory settings, etc. and nothing works. I cannot get to the Internet anymore.

    I have other mobiles and computers all connecting without any problems. Just the Samsung is giving me this problem...

    Thanks for any help.
  3. MrFrem82

    MrFrem82 Member

    Hi! We are in the same conditions and we have exactly the same problem. Did you try to update your galaxy firmware? On it seems to be a new firmware for your model, here. Give it a try, if you want.

    We still need some help.
  4. JohnSim

    JohnSim New Member

    I'm facing the same problem as well, it couldn't establish an internet connection. :mad:
  5. MrFrem82

    MrFrem82 Member

    Do you have the same router?
  6. lunarlho

    lunarlho New Member

    hello guys
    i haven't yet own myself a galaxy 5
    but let me tell u something,
    i have already used linksys router wrt54g2 for some time
    and you know, it's wifi is often not detected after some time....
    my bro's iphone, n my laptop often doens't detect the wifi after an hour or more.
    so, i think it was the work of the router itself, not the phone...
    my suggestion, if u want to restore the wifi router, you go to in web page, password by default is admin, username let it blank....
    click on the tab wireless, and go to security tab below, then click save setting
    your wifi should be visible again, witchout even restarting the router...
  7. MrFrem82

    MrFrem82 Member

    Yeah! that worked for me. Once my phone disconnect from the router i did what you suggest. i deactivate wifi on my phone, and do these steps. when i reactivate wifi on the phone it was able to connect. Great!:)

    Now, is ther some way to fix that poblem?
  8. iwant2

    iwant2 Member

    I got no problem with wifi on my galaxy 5...
  9. Taroy

    Taroy New Member

    it's not the phone but the router,particularly,linksys. sometimes this router is difficult to configure. giving problems to users attempting connection and having conflicting ips to your provider. i'm using a dlink router and it's been 4 years with nary a problem. my cell is a samsung galaxy 5 gt - i5503. still new so.. no wifi problems yet.

  10. hi ,i also bought the same gt5503 today can some1 pls help me with the wifi?.
    I activated my wifi, connected it to the router but i cannot browse internet, use the map, youtube etc using it..
    please help
    Best regards :)
  11. Mr.Greendevil

    Mr.Greendevil Member

    I was having same problem with my Galaxy 5 but it got fixed automatically after few days..
  12. Taroy

    Taroy New Member

    what did you do so far? did you activate it to the wifi settings of the phone? try if it can connect to the market.
  13. shoebshaikh

    shoebshaikh Member

    I daily use wifi with this device for abt 4-5 hrs and I never had problem with connection being dropped to the router.
  14. tessamum

    tessamum New Member

    I have this problem to, i am in NZ. I have a Thompson router. it connects every so often, then disconnects itself then i can't connect it to it unless I turn off my phone and turn it back on, VERY annoying procedure just to go online me thinks lol, any help would be greatly appriciated!
  15. jonasjohnson

    jonasjohnson New Member


    It is getting seriously close to class action time. I, as I'm sure many of you, have seen this issue on a lot of other forums.

    Who fixes this? My ISP, Telus, says its not their problem. My cell phone company, Virgin told me to exchange my phone because it is defective and I did at The Source (aka Radio Shack) and the second i5500 acts exactly the same way. And how the hell do you actually get to talk to someone at Google or Samsung?

    Telus, Virgin, The Source, Google, Samsung! WTF no solutions to this problem?
  16. Stash68

    Stash68 Well-Known Member

    I remember reading somewhere about this kind of issue but with another samsung phone, if i remember correctly changing the security on the router solved the problem.worth a go?
  17. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    My wife has updated the firmware (which didn't clear the phone, although I backed it up for her anyway) and Wi-Fi seems to be working better.. as in, it's connected and hasn't dropped the connection after an hour.

    Wow; she'd have been lucky to get a few seconds before.

    I did read about a design fault and Wi-Fi that couldn't ever be fixed, but I am not sure that's true.. although I'll have to keep an eye on things over the coming days, and with other Wi-Fi routers (this is a D-Link at home).

    GALAXY 5 TRIC New Member

    I had one of siemens router before. But my galaxy 5 connects to it but the browser, maps, gps dosent work. I replace the router to a linksys cisco wrt120n
    but the problem stiil exists. Pls help me......................:mad:
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  19. TheMaskedBrit

    TheMaskedBrit Member

    I downloaded two great little apps from the market called KeepWifi and Wifi Fixer, its not dropped the connection and connects without any trouble for the last few days. There free to download.

    Hope it helps, worth a there a doddle to use.
  20. galaxyandroid

    galaxyandroid New Member

    dear themask .. if u believe me its not the router's problem but the problem of the device. samsung galaxy 5 has got very weak wifi antena because i compared it with samsung monte which recives the wifi signals very fast and connects too where as galaxy recieves very laow signal and takes hell of time to connect. blame should go to the Samsung who really cheated its customers.
  21. TheMaskedBrit

    TheMaskedBrit Member

    Don't know if it's the phone or software problem, keep reading that many things on different forum. Only can wait for the froyo update to see if it's been rectified...if still got the phone.
  22. singh.abhishek

    singh.abhishek New Member

    i am not able to configure my wifi on galaxy is not able to connect to guys plz help me....
  23. cresboy

    cresboy New Member

    guys out thr... if ur problem is bout the wifi s turning off after sometime...
    here is the solution.....

    goto---settings----wirelees settigns----wifi settings
    thn click advanced in that change the wifi sleep policy to never...
    thats it done

    enjoy guys...
  24. faithmhui

    faithmhui New Member

    i too though maybe upgrade the current android version to froyo may helped yet i'm still facing the same problem. i followed ur advice and installed both the apps u mentioned. i dont understand what it does cause it still having the same problem. i'm just gonna go ahead and make a conclusion, i've been rip off.
  25. Fien

    Fien New Member

    I recently bought (monday) the samsung i 5500. But i have problems with wifi. The phone finds my wifi at home but when he connects, he disconnect within a minute by himself... I really don't know what i can do to change that, ist verry annoying because now i'm not able to go on the web. Does somebody know what i can do?
    I hope that somebody can help me :) Thanks!

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