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Problems with ZT180 tablet wireless helpSupport

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  1. KnGJr24

    KnGJr24 New Member

    I just bought the ZT180 tablet with 2.2 android 4GB and 512MB memory. I am loving most features of it but I am having a rough time getting it to connect to a wireless network. When I turn the Wifi on it will scan but never find anything.

    Below is my Kernel Version and Build
    root@android #2858

    zt180-eng AOSP OPENMASTER eng.root.20110312.120935 test-keys

    Any help would be appreciated on this. My current router is open I am using no security but I have tried using WAP and WEP also but still it will not detect a network.

  2. anysellings

    anysellings New Member

    you need to ask your seller on this issue
    there is software to fix this problem.
  3. tonygristina

    tonygristina Member

  4. Pegcity

    Pegcity Active Member

    awesome ordered one with shipping for 8 bucks

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