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Procedure to unlock the T-Mobile ZTE Concord (given a valid unlock code)Support

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  1. RockSockDoc

    RockSockDoc Well-Known Member

    QUESTION: Given a valid 8-digit unlock code, what is the procedure to unlock the T-Mobile pay-as-you-go ZTE Concord cellphone?

    I've had a pay-as-you-go T-Mobile ZTE Concord, bought at Target, on a T-Mobile contract plan for months. I contacted T-Mobile 3 weeks ago and they finally sent me the 8-digit unlock code.

    But T-Mobile support had me type 3 different procedures to unlock, all of which failed.
    Since the phone can be bricked if we do this wrong too many times, I ask here:

    Q: What is the unlock procedure for the ZTE Concord given I have the IMEI and the 8-digit unlock code, and a 2-year old AT&T now defunct SIM card?

    Here's what they had me do first:
    a) Confirm the IMEI of the ZTE Concord by typing *#06#, with the T-Mobile SIM in place (this works fine)
    b) Remove battery to put in the AT&T (i.e., foreign) SIM card & replace battery
    c) Boot phone which reports
    d) Enter **05*PUK*PIN*PIN#
    e) Then it asks for the old PUK and the new PUK
    f) Then it fails and decrements from (10) to (9).

    We tried that three times, and it decremented from (10) to (9) to (8) before I put a stop to this nonsense. I really don't think T-Mobile knows what it's doing when it comes to unlocking the ZTE Concord.

    I asked for technical support, who had me do a DIFFERENT procedure, which I show below in photos.

    0. With foreign (AT&T) SIM card in place, I boot the T-Mobile ZTE Concord cellphone
    1. This shows the "long press to unlock" screen, saying NO SIM card. Emergency calls only.
    2. I long press & it says "SIM network is locked" "Emergency Dialer"
    3. I press "Emergency Dialer" and it brings me to the Emergency Dialer
    4. I type "*#06#" and it's supposed to ask for the unlock code, but it just sits there.

    QUESTION: Given a valid 8-digit unlock code, what is the procedure to unlock the T-Mobile pay-as-you-go ZTE Concord cellphone?

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  2. RockSockDoc

    RockSockDoc Well-Known Member

    That worked!

    All I did was type *983*258# at the emergency dialer, and, voila! It asked for the 8-digit unlock code!

    Unfortunately, the AT&T SIM card that I used as the foreign SIM card, has been defunct for years, so I didn't expect it to dial a number (although I had expected 611 to work - but it didn't).

    So, I'm not 'positive' it's unlocked - but it should be. I will try to borrow a 'live' AT&T SIM card to test it out for real. Here are some photos of the process.

    1. I put a very old (no longer active) AT&T SIM card into the ZTE V768 Concord telephone: [​IMG]

    2. Then I booted to where it said "SIM network is locked" "Emergency Dialer": [​IMG]

    3. I dialed "*983*258#" (here you see the shot just before the pound sign): [​IMG]

    4. That brought up a simple "unlock password" screen: [​IMG]

    5. Pressing in the empty field brought up a keypad: [​IMG]
    6. I entered in the 8 digit unlock code previously sent to me by T-Mobile to my email: [​IMG]
    7. The phone said to "Wait..." while it was thinking for a few seconds: [​IMG]
    8. Voila! The LTE V768 Concord now appeared to be unlocked! [​IMG]
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  3. RockSockDoc

    RockSockDoc Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know what the ZTE (i.e., 983) codes are for this cellphone? I know the Android ZTE Concord is unlocked because the settings show this: [​IMG] But, when I type the ZTE (983) codes, I get strange results. For example, I typed *983*258# which is supposed to tell me the unlock status. This is what resulted: [​IMG]
  4. RockSockDoc

    RockSockDoc Well-Known Member

    Two additional datapoints. 1. The letters 983 correspond to the letters ZTE. 2. The output from *ZTE*757# may be explained here: List of mobile network codes in the United States
    Code (Text):
    1.  160    T-Mobile USA    Formerly Omnipoint, discontinued 170    T-Mobile USA    Formerly Cingular Wireless CA/NV known as "Cingular Orange"; previously Pacific Bell Wireless 180   West Central Wireless 190   Alaska Telecom  [10] 200    T-Mobile USA    Formerly Smith Bagley, discontinued 210     T-Mobile USA    Discontinued 220    T-Mobile USA    Discontinued 230    T-Mobile USA    Discontinued 240    T-Mobile USA    Discontinued 250    T-Mobile USA    Discontinued 260    T-Mobile USA    Standard; formerly Cook Inlet Voicestream 270   T-Mobile USA    Formerly Powertel, discontinued 280     T-Mobile USA    Discontinued 290    T-Mobile USA    Discontinued 300    T-Mobile USA    Discontinued 310    T-Mobile USA    Formerly Aerial Communications, discontinued 311    at&t Mobility   Formerly Farmers Wireless [11] 320  Smith Bagley    d/b/a Cellular One of Northeast Arizona 330     T-Mobile USA    Discontinued
  5. oloung1

    oloung1 Member

    thanks for your how-to write up, i will need to do this later.
    did you get the chance to test the unlock function?
  6. Rvd6969

    Rvd6969 New Member

    hi, info was great. is there anyway you can tell me what is the 8 digit code please. Thank you so much
  7. RockSockDoc

    RockSockDoc Well-Known Member

    Yes. It works fine with a friend's AT&T SIM card.

    My 8-digit unlock code was 16484877.

    But I don't think that will do you any good because it's supposedly specific to the IMEI of the device.
  8. Aldiggidy

    Aldiggidy Member

  9. BarrettN

    BarrettN New Member

    Just FYI, I made the mistake of assuming that a "no-contract, pay as you go" phone was just that. The sales guy (not that I really trust them to know what they are talking about usually) told me that all I had to do was call in to get the unlock code - Wrong! I called and found out that T Mobile requires 60 days of usage before they'll provide you with the unlock code. Not what I consider a no contract phone. I did speak with a supervisor, they told me that if I had an existing T Mobile account over 60 old they'd go ahead and unlock it, but that doesn't do me any good, I bought the phone for my step daughter to use outside of the US, and it's already on it's way to her. Hopefully the people taking it to her are coming back within 14 days, that's how long I have to return it.
  10. abban30

    abban30 New Member

    Pls somebody help me I have use all the chances in unlocking my zte v768
    I want to ask is there a chance of unlocking the phone since I don't have any more chances to type the unlock code
    Pls help me ASAP
  11. Aldiggidy

    Aldiggidy Member

  12. marceqb

    marceqb New Member

    hello my friend..
    I have one ZTE V768 . when i try unlock my phone, in display I read SIM NETWORK IS LOCKED you has tried too many times! your phone has been completely locked! .
    How can I make unlock my phone??

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