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"process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly" has rendered alcatel phone unusableSupport

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  1. m_ghafoori

    m_ghafoori New Member

    Added a shortcut to a browser bookmark in home and after that I am getting this error that never goes away and keeps appearing after tapping on ending the process "The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly". My phone has been unusable since this occured. Because of the looping message, I cannot access most of phone functionalities, especially the menu in the home (home is completely inaccessible).

    Any help to fix this is highly appreciated.

    I have an Alcatel Tribe Android OT-981A.

  2. kaykay300

    kaykay300 New Member

    Exact same thing happened to me. I can't access my phone at all and the message stops me from doing anything. have you found a solution?
  3. kintoronto

    kintoronto New Member

    I had same problem on my Alcatel Tribe. Only solution was a complete system reset on the phone. This is easy to do but you will loose all your data and apps.

    1) Turn off phone (or remove and re-insert battery if necessary)
    2) Hold down the VOLUME DOWN (on side of phone) and the red power off button simultaneously for several seconds.
  4. marak21

    marak21 New Member

    I have a problem on my Alcatel OT-906. Whenever I turn on the phone it boots but doesn't show up the home menu.(it only shows the boot menu). Please help me.

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