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  1. peterwoman

    peterwoman Member

    Hello all,

    I'm hoping for some assistance here. I've searched all the posts here and nothing suggested resolves my problem. I have a new Samsung Moment phone and keep getting the error Sorry! The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. This error does not seem to have a trigger, just happens when the phone is sitting there.

    I have tried a master reset of the phone and it did not resolve the problem. I've checked all contacts and I do not see any problems with them but i'm not real sure what to look for as it doesn't error out on any particular contact. Facebook is not used on the phone so it's not a sync problem there. Are there any logs on the phone I can look at to pinpoint where this might be coming from? Or should I just take the phone back to sprint for a new one? Any help is appreciated!

  2. zefie

    zefie Well-Known Member

    If a master reset did not fix it, I'd suggest taking it to Sprint for reflashing, or if you are within 30-days, just swap it out.
  3. peterwoman

    peterwoman Member

    Took the phone back to sprint for a new one, still receive error and now the battery is lasting only about 5 hours. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone know where this error comes from or any logs that i can look at to get an idea of what's going on?
  4. speciala106

    speciala106 Active Member

    BUMP! I just got my phone replaced yesterday for this and now my new phone is having the same issue. :confused::confused:has anyone found out what the error means yet?
  5. cosine83

    cosine83 Well-Known Member

    Are you using any home replacement apps to cause this?
  6. speciala106

    speciala106 Active Member

    No I tried a couple on my first phone but that was months before I started to get the error
  7. creglenn

    creglenn Well-Known Member

    Are you using a taskiller?
  8. speciala106

    speciala106 Active Member

    Yea i got to thinking it was because of one of the apps i had on autokill. So after the last error i had I stopped auto killing any apps and i havent had any issues in a few hours.
  9. creglenn

    creglenn Well-Known Member

    If you use an autokill app. install it then restart your phone and when your phone boots up dont let your screen turn off cause thats prolly when it autokills. instead open the autokill and ignore the .acore
  10. robogo

    robogo Well-Known Member

    OK, now this is weird since I found some tips on how to solve this issue, since some people claim it happens when the phone tries to sync with Gmail. Here is my suggestion.

    First I followed a suggestion that I should delete all cache and other files from the contact storage app which was a BAD IDEA since it deleted all my phone contacts (which were backed up, thankfully, and the Google contacts were intact). So don't do this :D

    The weird part is this:

    Then I imported all my backed up phone and Gmail contacts into Outlook, edited them all by removing stuff from the Notes parts (except the information the phone had previously put in, like links for Facebook contacts), wiped all my Gmail contacts, uploaded the new CSV made in Outlook and synced my phone.

    I have done the sync at least 15 times since.

    Not even one force close of the android.process.acore.

    EDIT: it's been a week since this procedure - still no FC :)

    EDIT 2: some 2 weeks now - still no FC :)

    EDIT 3: over three months - no FC of the acore process :)
  11. reubenmate

    reubenmate New Member

    Could you point us to an step by step solution then? Thanks
  12. awray

    awray New Member

    bumping! i've had my Moment for 10 months now and it just started FC'ing. I cant even use my phone unless some1 calls me b/c the homescreen is frozen... HELP!
  13. 240phil

    240phil Well-Known Member

    it is my understanding that it has to do with the way the phone syncs with google and if you kill certain apps, it messes up the process.
    Don't use a task killer. Don't auto kill anything.
    If you have a task killer, only manually kill the apps that you are 100% sure you want/can kill without problems.
    I want to say for me it was something dumb, like the calendar process that I was killing that would trigger it.

    If you don't have a task killer then one of two things is happening.
    either one, your phone's cache is full and you need to go in and clear some stuff out.
    If the phone doesn't have enough memory to operate, it will cause problems.
    Get rid of any apps you don't use. No point in them just taking up the space.
    If you have a bunch of old messages, try cleaning them out. This is supposed to automatically happen since the latest firmware update, but we all know how that word "supposed" to works.
    If none of that worked, then you need to go through and clean up your contacts list. Every so often, one of them will get corrupted and cause problems. You can sync to outlook or something to make this process easier. Sync to out look. Clear everything off of the phone. Fix everything in outlook, then sync them back. Then sync back to google and it should solve the problem.

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