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  1. kentoden

    kentoden New Member

    I recieved the message listed in the subject line I found the following posting which sums up most of my problem. I have read the other postings and they seem do deal with issues with the entire device. My problem is restricted to attempts to send or recieve emails to and from one specific person. Other than issues with this one person, everything seems to work normally. We can communicate using other devicess. She has no indication of a problem from her end, other than her phone running out of power while she was texting me and I was texting her. The probles occur only on my Samsung Infuse and only with her.

    "I have been looking on the forums, and I can't find anything helpful. I have been using my phone for nearly a year now, with the same Sim Card in it for almost the entire time. This morning after I turned my phone on, it startedd giving the message process has stopped unexpectedly and each time I pressed 'Force Close' it would come up again. After a while of this problem I tried to go on settings to Factory Reset as I could not see any other option and the message The Application Settings (process has stopped unexpectedly. I have tried it with a different Sim card and rebooted the phone multiple times. Am not sure what to do now."

    My problemis is similar. I received the message when a friend was texting me and her phone ran out of power. The history shows an attachment simultaneous with the onset of the problem. I cannot send or receive text messages from this person. An attempt for her or me to send a message back and forth results in the same message each time. Choosing "Force Close" has no effect.

    I have tried to delete her name and number from my phone and re-enter her information. I thought I should delete her message - thinking that she may have accidentally sent an attachment (she is a slight airhead). I really don't want to return to factory defaults if I don't have to. There is just too much stored to risk losing it and I don't know if it would help. I do have the phone currently backup-up. It would not be a disaster (hopefully)

    We can call each other on this phone and are able to send and receive emailsto each other using other phones.

  2. spmoli

    spmoli New Member force close message

    i am having this problem.what can i do for this?please help me
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hello and welcome aboard to both of you. :)

    This issue is mostly caused by an installed application. Usually a "reset" or uninstall the "rogue" application might fix the problem.
    Hint: Uninstall all apps that aren't important to you at this time.

    Also, check inside your device's support forum for assistance from the other users of this device.

    Hopefully this problem will be a thing of the past.
    Good luck.
  4. ukmangalath

    ukmangalath New Member

    "The application messaging has stopped unexpectedly please try again" what can i do
  5. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    You might have run into a carrier's limitation on MMS sizes. I don't get an error, the mms just won't send until I resize the image. Check on how your carrier handles.

    Other problem at times - you need to send over data connection. Not wifi.
  6. ukmangalath

    ukmangalath New Member "force close message". The problem still exists
  7. nickyjobo

    nickyjobo New Member


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