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  1. nnj1nkk

    nnj1nkk Member

    I have looked around various forums but cannot seem to find a solution.

    I rooted my phone yesterday using the revolutionary method and afterwards installed super manager to delete bloatware. Upon deleting various apps I now repeatedly get the message "The application Phone (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." with the only option to force close. When I force close the message reappears and I am unable to use my phone. I tried a hard factory reset but to no avail. Will unrooting my phone get me back to the original state of my phone straight out of the box? Someone please help I am in dire need. Thanks in advance.

  2. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    What "Bloat" did you remove?
  3. nnj1nkk

    nnj1nkk Member

    Don't remember exactly. Off the top of my head I remember the blockbuster, amazon kindle, bitbop, city id, rhapsody, rock band, slacker, tunewiki, maybe some VZ apps.
  4. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    I would highly suggest reflashing, and then make a nandroid. Once you have said nandroid, then go through the items one by one removing things that youre not sure what are and weeding out the safe apps to remove. To be honest, it sounds like you removed something you shouldnt have.
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  5. nnj1nkk

    nnj1nkk Member

    I'm not too familiar with rooting phones. Can you point me towards a step-by-step that will help me do what you are suggesting? If I removed something I shouldn't have is it possible to reload the original factory data back onto the thunderbolt and essentially have a phone straight out of the box? Is my phone screwed here?

    Thank you for the help.

    EDIT: when you say you suggest reflashing do you mean redoing the rooting process with revolutionary?
  6. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    To be honest here, while I'm all for helping, you really need to do some research BEFORE trying to remove things. There are a ton of things posted in the all things root section. From now on, imo, if you don't know how to fix it, don't do it until you can.
  7. nnj1nkk

    nnj1nkk Member

    I understand this and am regretful for my actions however I searched some forums on what apps were not safe to delete and I made sure not to delete the ones listed albeit I must have deleted something "not safe" to delete.

    However, now that I am at this point I would greatly appreciate your help and any others' help.

    Currently I am trying to install a custom ROM onto my TB to see if that will fix the issue.
  8. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    It will, however, I would HIGHLY suggest you read ALL of the following BEFORE you flash or fiddle with your next ROM.
    ^Cant beat this guide for info. Worm, Scotty and Yeahha maintain it like a stripper maintains her...well, you get the point.

    New to SynergyROMs? READ THIS FIRST..

    While I wrote this for Synergy, it all will pretty much be interchangeable between ROMs. Yeah, its also a shameless plug for Eternity, but, could do worse. lol.

    Once you read those two items, now youre gunna want to figure out what ROM to run.
    ^Once again, Yeahha, Scotty and Worm maintain this well. DO NOT ask which is the best. Its a stupid question. EVERY PHONE reacts different. No one will have the same viewpoint as you. Try them all till you find the one you like.
  9. nnj1nkk

    nnj1nkk Member

    Great success. Huge burden off my shoulders. Thank you so much I cannot stress my appreciation enough.
  10. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    Aight, well, from now on, youre not allowed to do anymore noob shit like this in the future. lol. You have ALL of the information you need. If you read it, youll not have ANY issues. Granted youll still have questions, but make sure you READ READ READ, and I cannot stress this enough, BUT READ BEFORE DOING ANYTHING. It will help you IMMENSELY with ANY issues that may already be present. Enjoy your phone.

    Oh, one last shameless plug:
  11. kempfjon1982

    kempfjon1982 New Member

    im having the same prob with my droid. what rom did you install and how?
  12. hatchet813

    hatchet813 New Member

    i did the same thing with a samsung dart model # sgh t499. ist says " is missing" every time i turn it on. so i did a hard reset and when i did it says "com. android .setupwizard has stoped unexpectedly" and also " is missing" i have no launcher or keyboard or web thats what i think i delted, its just a black screen with a task bar i can use the wifi and Bluetooth and task manger but not the settings or anything or the phone or any apps its liked it bricked did i mess it up for good or is there some hope any help would be awesome
  13. Anblick

    Anblick Member

    I get this at least once a day, and my phone has not been rooted. I'm hoping to find a solution, since once this happens the only way I can reconnect to the network is to reboot the phone. It's really annoying, expecially when it does it in the middle of doing something (like looking something up on the internet) and having to wait the 3 minutes or so for the phone to reboot.
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  14. Justin_Carlos

    Justin_Carlos Member

    her i got the same problem.. "the application phone process has stopped unexpectedly please try again. .
    tried many things but could not get rid of it. expert opinion is required. this thing is annoying for me know

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