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  1. shadow reaper

    shadow reaper New Member

    i dont know what to do i have tried everything even a factory reset, numerous apk sideloads and it just wont go away, can anybody help me, please. the only other thing i know to do is buy a new phone

  2. tazmaniondvl

    tazmaniondvl Member

    I dont know what it is but I had it before, I rooted and just got rid of it with a root uninstaller, I dont know if it actually does anything but my phone still works great
  3. Intercepter

    Intercepter Well-Known Member

    dude, that is the play store app. that is what auto updates your apps. go in to settings in the play store app and turn off auto update.
  4. Pratijeet

    Pratijeet New Member

    hi,same problem occurs in my ph sony xperia mini and m not able solve it plz give me the proper solution

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