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  1. ritholtz

    ritholtz Member

    Is sprint version also running with 1GZ processor? I am trying to upgrade phone provided by office. This is the only smart phone listed for us with $29. I am trying to upgrade from TP2. It has better screen resolution.

  2. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    All the specs I've seen list it at 800mhz. The Virgin Mobile specs list theirs as 800mhz also so whether the Sprint version is running at 1ghz like the VM Elite is hard to tell. Guess it would take someone with the Sprint Elite to see what speed the proc is running at
  3. louiedog

    louiedog Active Member

    Quadrant reports my Sprint model as 1ghz.
  4. ritholtz

    ritholtz Member

    Thanks for the update. Most probably, this phone is the best one I can upgrade my office phone. Hopefully, screen resolution is suffice to read content on internet. Is it possible to upgrade this phone to ICS in future?
  5. ritholtz

    ritholtz Member

    I was still on fence to order Elite. Today my company 3rd party vendor offered Galaxy nexus with $100 cost. I placed order for galaxy nexus without wasting a minute.

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