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  1. linton23

    linton23 Member

    I have had my phone for about 4 months and I have had 2 issues pop up lately. 1 is that my phone when I connect it to the charger will not display the charge percent while on or if its off the charging symbol will flash on and off and its stuck with no motion. I turn it back on and let it charge a while then after a while it will start to display the percent and I can turn in off with no flashing. The 2nd started yesterday the screen brightness seems to get stuck in dim and I have to restart it to get it unstuck any suggestions.

  2. Instinct User

    Instinct User Well-Known Member

    Have you done a battery pull?
  3. linton23

    linton23 Member

    Yes I tried that but the issue repeats itself soon after.
  4. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    Maybe try a factory reset? If that doesn't fix it, it's possibly a hardware issue.

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