ProClip Car Mounts for the Evo (PICS)Accessories

  1. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    In stock and shipping now. Must've arrived late last week. Direct link to all three models: Standard, Active w/cigarette lighter adapter, and Active for fixed install.

    Of course I can save you some dough. Their stuff isn't cheap, but it is solid.

    Do remember, naked phones only, and they do have the fuzzy coating to help protect the finish on the phone. Also, these holders are part of a 2-part solution, and you need a dash mount for your vehicle be it from ProClip, Bracketron, Panavise, Pro-Fit or Kuda. If you have questions about mounting options for your car, let me know. Can point you in the right direction even if ProClip doesn't have a solution to your liking.

    Active Holder ($59.99)

    Passive Holder ($34.99)

    For those using a case with their Evo, you need to go to the adjustable holder I talked about and posted pictures of in this thread. Shows pics of the adjustable holder sans the tilt swivel with a panavise mount and an innocased Evo. Great fit, and I could care less about landscape. The screen is big enough where nav looks just fine in portrait. I like the lower profile as well.

    If you don't care about landscape and want the lower profile, you can always remove the tilt swivel. If you're using a proclip dash mount, you'd have to drill through the mount so the screws will fit through.

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  2. 82ndCowboy

    82ndCowboy Well-Known Member

    ooooooohhh... I want one!!! Make it two I need one for my Silverado and Peterbuilt.

    Edit... It does rotate 180 right?
  3. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    depends how much you tighten the center screw on the tilt swivel, but it will rotate. Over time it will loosen a touch and you can just tighten it up.

    What model peterbuilt do you have? They make custom mounts for them too.

    Also, if you want to save a few dollars you can just get a move kit and one holder. The move kit comes with two female pieces that go on the dash mount in each vehicle, and then a male piece that goes on the back of the holder. Then you just take the holder with you from car to truck.


    Move kit retails at $14 as opposed to another $40 for a second holder.
  4. omegafiler

    omegafiler Member

    Do you know if there will be room for an extended battery, such as the Seidio 3500mAh? From the pictures it looks like it'll work since the sides aren't really changed with the Seidio.
  5. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    It should fit. The space behind the phone is about the thickness of the phone itself. From the looks of this photo, it shouldn't be an issue.

    *do notice the shoddy quality of the Seidio battery cover as it sits raised at the edges unlike the OEM cover. That thing is fugly.
  6. lembowski

    lembowski Well-Known Member

    Not working with a case makes it a fail to me. I'd rather get a universal that can fit other models also.
  7. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    I tend to agree, but some like the real thing so that's why we have options.
    now in stock and shipping.
  8. 82ndCowboy

    82ndCowboy Well-Known Member

    It's a 386 Pete.
    I'd rather spend the extra duckies on two, that way I don't have to worry about getting the cradle out of the other vehicle.
  9. Cache22

    Cache22 Well-Known Member

    Time to update my holder! :) (I sent you a PM) Currently I have two adjustable mounts (1 for each car, both my wife and I have Evo's), and they have worked great. (And I'll also vouch for the quality of ProClip ... I have used ProClip holders for my previous phone as well, very sturdy mounts and holders...will outlast my phone and likely my cars as well :D)

    But for my car the Evo specific mount should work a little bit better due to slightly smaller overall depth. (And I ended up not using my phone case since the Evo wouldn't fit well in my pocket with a case around it, which worked out fine since when my wife got her Evo she wanted my old case.)
  10. We now also have an adjustable holder listed for your device with a case. It is item nr: 875214
    *ProClip Mounting System
  11. I surely complained about a holder not being suited for a case. Especially for a $500 phone.
  12. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    You got the nice wood dash on that too? Long time since I've seen the inside of a big rig. Gotta watch "Over The Top" again :) Here's the two mounting options for it. Both seem convenient. Though if that's the cigarette lighter next to the mount on the angled one, it doesn't get any more convenient than that.

    854146: angled mount 804145: left mount
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'll get to the PM's in a few. Have a little more running around to do.
  13. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    the adjustable works perfect with a cased phone. What's the beef?
  14. After I complained they sent me the link about the adjustable holder.
  15. Want one bad, but i'm not going to take my inno-case off every time. Fail!
  16. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    Your ability to read and comprehend is a FAIL since you've missed the info about the adjustable holder with the link to the thread where I have pics of my innocased evo in the holder not to mention a few other posts mentioning it including my own post right above yours with the link to it.

    No discount for you....1yr! :)
  17. Cache22

    Cache22 Well-Known Member

    lol :D

    And for anyone that has questions about the adjustable/universal holders that work with a case:
    • There are thumbscrews on the back to loosen to adjust the width to accomodate whatever case you do have
    • My wife and I have used one with the Seido Innocase Limited Edition for a while now, and it works great. I did find that when first adjusting the holder to fit that keeping the top slightly wider than the bottom (very slight) worked best due to the friction of the rubber/silicon case to get a nice tight fit without having too much pressure to push it down. YMMV depending on which case is on the phone.
    • The adjustable case also works great with a naked Evo, mine is used at least daily, and there are no scratches or scuffs on my Evo. I am updating the adjustable in my car to the new Evo version primarily due to slightly less overall mounted depth (from phone to dash), but I have been perfectly happy with the adjustable holder. I'm just an OCD tweaker when it comes to my phone so I couldn't help myself :D

    The above applies to the ADJUSTABLE holder, not the new naked-Evo-specific holders. I hope that clarifies things from a long time ProClip user.

    Also on another note ... the point of a phone-specific holder is to have a precise fit formed just for a specific phone model. Add any case, and expecting it to still fit defeats the purpose of a phone specific holder. My first Proclip holder was for an AT&T Tilt smartphone, and I was pretty amazed when I got it ... the phone fit perfectly, all side buttons/charging ports/etc were perfectly accessible, and I could swivel it 90 degrees and still use the slideout keyboard. It was like a functional work of art! :D
  18. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    You can see the thumb screws (more like discs) in my side pic below. Unlike the cheapo squeeze and ratchet adjustables, the proclip one is made to set it and what? forget it... (this is late night infomercial time is it not?)

    As cache said about the slight angle and friction, it is easily capable of keeping the phone stable in landscape mode. If you're not one to drop $30 and change every time a new phone comes out, you can use the adjustable with a naked Evo. It'll have the slightest of front to back toggle, and that can even be tightened up with a couple foam squares along the rails.
  19. Shawnz

    Shawnz Well-Known Member

    Is a film skin on the phone (Invisible Shild etc) enough to mess up the fit of the custom holder? I'm trying to figure out if I have to go with the universal. All of my phones have full body wraps.
  20. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    Invisible shields, bse's and the like are a no go on the Evo specific holders. They have a tight fit like the iPhone holders.
  21. Cache22

    Cache22 Well-Known Member

    I just installed the new Evo mount, as expected I am very pleased with the quality! It is the first ProClip holder I have had that had the fuzzy (felt-like) coating, looks good and should protect against any scratching, although I had used the adjustable mount (which I had set with a slightly tighter fit when putting the phone in) and had zero scuffs or marks anyway. The phone fits in nicely, no excess pressure or squeezing.

    The other thing I noticed is the swivel mechanism is a little different. (I only have my adjustable holders and my old holder from my HTC Kaiser phone to compare with, so I don't know if it's a new design or not.) The size is the same and looking at it assembled there is no visible difference, but it has a longer screw, and the threaded piece behind the holder plate that the screw goes into is different. It seems like it has a little more tolerance if the screw loosens up over time. (Which in my experience would only happen after switching from portrait to landscape mode often, something I don't do with the Evo since the screen is bigger than my last phone.)

    The tilt range is little better than the adjustable, this is just due to the fact the adjustable holder has to have the thumbscrews behind the holder which limit its movement somewhat. I previously had a 15 degree wedge installed to get a better base angle before the tilt, but I am testing the new Evo holder without the wedge. (less distance from the dash this way.) I may end up putting it back still, but will have to give it a few days first without the wedge to get through the real world glare test. It definitely tilts far enough left to view straight on from driver seat but that is the left-most tilt and sometimes with glare it is nice to have a little extra room to adjust. (This is something that is going to vary between car mounts as well, in my car the car-side mount itself is straight, however in my wife's car, the car-side mount is already angled to start with.)

    Update: Info on the photos: They are taken with phone tilted to the left just about to the limit, it has the same amount of movement to the right as well (and up/down) if someone in the passenger seat wanted to use the phone in the mount. The old Zune is mounted to a SoundGate M2 mount, which so far works well for the Zune, but I don't think it would work for anything heavier. The Zune is very lightweight, and sometimes the adjustable hinges on the M2 drop on their own a bit.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Click thumbnails for larger photos.

    If I get a chance I may try to get a video of the mount just to demonstrate the movement range but don't hold me to that! (And could do the same thing in the other car while I'm at it to be able to compare it with the adjustable version.)
  22. mdizzle99

    mdizzle99 Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of using the proclip and the universal holder, but is there a good way play music through the car speakers while it is in this holder without having an auxiliary? I currently have a decent $30 universal fm transmitter mount and it's ok, but I like the idea of having a quality mount that I don't have to worry about. Thanks for any advice.
  23. Biddy

    Biddy Member

    dbpaddler i pm'ed you
  24. Cache22

    Cache22 Well-Known Member

    That's one thing I want to figure out at some point too. If you check out the pictures in my mini-review a few posts back, you can see I have an old Zune mounted with a Soundgate M2 from when they were on sales. I do have Doggcatcher on the phone, which could replace the functionality of my Zune (I listen to various tech and educational podcasts during my commute), however having to plug/unplug the stereo plug every time I get in and out of the car is something I want to avoid and is what has kept me from replacing the Zune's function with the phone. (There are other advantages to the Zune as well, although the disadvantages are greater: Stuck with Zune software on PC, have to take it out of car to update/sync, extra clutter/cables on the dash, etc.)

    I used to use an FM transmitter with the Zune, but it just wasn't reliable enough for my commute without having to switch frequencies so I eventually picked up a $60 on sale (NewEgg) basic stereo with an aux-in jack to make it easier. I do keep the old transmitter in my Wife's car so when I drive it I can listen to my normal stuff, but that can be a bigger nightmare ... no retractable antenna so it picks up a lot more stray signals than my car.

    I haven't actually actively researched anything yet due to time, but going to eventually try to find out what sort of bluetooth solutions could integrate with the existing car stereo, and would have to support the aux jack as well. I guess I should also look at stereos with bluetooth support built-in, but then the cost is beyond my budget and makes me figure just keeping the Zune where it is isn't *that* bad.

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