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  1. onyxbatteries

    onyxbatteries New Member

    Dear Infusers (TLDR at the bottom):

    I am VP of PR in a new startup called Onyx Batteries US. I don't post as a solicitor. Rather, I want to solicit feedback for our new product.

    It is an external battery different from the rest you have tried. Unlike those other batteries, this one is thin, light, UNIVERSAL, and modular.

    I should stress: this battery is THIN and light. Think 3 nickles stacked thin. This battery will be able to squeeze in 2000 mAh (subject to change), charging your battery around 1.3 times. We are able to pack such a large amount of milliamp hours into our battery because of the release of 4 inch

  2. maylontrd

    maylontrd Member

  3. onyxbatteries

    onyxbatteries New Member

    Sorry, maylontrd. This is a product idea, and since we are in the preliminary stages of development, we'd like some ideas and advice before getting into more details.
  4. somanyapps

    somanyapps Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure I understand what this is and how it would work. It is obviously not just a spare charged battery you carry with you to swap with the one in the phone should you need it.

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