[Productivity] TimeZar - Time Tracking, Client and Contract Management

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  1. loyiso

    loyiso New Member

    TimeZAR is a time-tracking, client and contract management application for consultants. It allows consultants to seamlessly add new clients for which they will be consulting, as well as details about that job/contract such as start and end dates, job title and hourly consulting rate. TimeZAR allows consultants to clock in and out of a consulting job, thus creating accurate time-tracking information that you could use to invoice you client.

    *Accurate Time-Tracking
    *Create new clients/contracts
    *Clock In or Out of consulting jobs
    *Edit/Delete clients or contracts
    *Keep track of both active contracts and pending contracts.
    *Interactive graph to show you your time-tracking information.
    *Ability to call or email client directly from app.
    *Generate and Email invoices to your client
    *Shows cost to client in your local currency

    Download TimeZar here:


  2. tomslack34

    tomslack34 New Member

    All these features are must for better contract management. Anyone can use these features for improving client relations.

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