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  1. aaranan

    aaranan Member

    OK so I have the samsung captivate (just grabbed it)

    my question is this:

    With respect to the note/calendar loaded apps, and the ones I can grab on the market...

    What is the best combo of apps that also allow the actual calendar on one of the home pages (as a widget i guess)

    so basically I would like to have a calendar that is synced with gmail, with a note taking app and a scheduler?
    I hope that makes sense?

    I am currently using the native calendar on the captivate with the agenda widget, and astrid

    alas the actual calendar that shows the month is not shown on the homescreen but rather the couple days in list form

    THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

  2. kspec1212

    kspec1212 Member

    If you use launcherpro, it has a great calendar widget that can fill up an entire homescreen. It can show as a monthly calendar or as a list of your upcoming appointments. Works great for me.
  3. aaranan

    aaranan Member

    thanks for the reply; is there any way to do it without launcher pro? i dont like how it changes the home screen, Ill fiddle with it again to see...
  4. Mnemic

    Mnemic Member

    I use android Agenda Widget, which works well for a customizable simple task list.
  5. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    The stock calendar app can sync with your Gmail calendar but you need to make sure you select your Google calendar each time you create an event instead of "My Calendar". There's no way to make that the default automatically. Other 3rd-party calendar apps can... check out Jorte and Gemini.

    Unfortunately Google has yet to release an API for tasks so there's no easy way to get a tasks app to sync with your Google account. I use Astrid Tasks which has its own syncing service.

    Same with notes... I use AK Notepad, which has its own online sync service. Sucks to have 3 separate online places to sync things too, but yell at Google for not being as open as they pretend to be. Until they release the APIs there's not much that can be done.

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