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  1. Neiliogattio

    Neiliogattio New Member

    I click gallery and there are 3 folders.
    -screen capture
    -profile photos

    I try to delete my profile photos but they keep coming back? Please help me

  2. Xerses

    Xerses Well-Known Member

    Profile photos for what application?
  3. Neiliogattio

    Neiliogattio New Member

  4. Xerses

    Xerses Well-Known Member

    It may be that there is a difference between T-Mobile and Telus in the way your account profile images are stored because I don't have a Profile Photos folder anywhere on my phone. Did you have that folder when you first got your phone and set it up?
  5. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    Looks like they are not Facebook profile photo. If they are FB photos there is a Facebook logo in those images. I think you enable auto sync so go to "Settings> Account and Sync" and unchecked "Activate auto-sync. Or identify which service sync profile photos in "Manage account" (account and sync) and unchecked sync profile photo.
  6. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    I think Andima has it. Something is bringing them back, I'm on t-mo and I don't have that label, but if I set up something with a profile pic, I do get that label. (just like I get images labelled "Bluetooth" if I import them to the handset via BT).

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