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  1. jfrorie

    jfrorie Active Member

    Coming from a blackberry, one of the nice things was a profile manager that you could switch between Normal, Quiet, etc. I've tried a number of profile apps, and while some look like they work, none do it consistently. I'm thinking it has something to do with the motoblur interface and extended ringtones.

    Anyone had any success?

  2. Shawn.Pink

    Shawn.Pink Member

    Beautiful widgets will add widgets to go into vibrate and silent mode if you want, I know is not the same thing, but it's a start
  3. heavy fluid

    heavy fluid New Member

    Look in the Market for Emode. Almost like a BlackBerry with what you can set for profiles. 15 day trial before you have to buy it.

    Wife downloaded it on hers and I am on a BB currently.

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