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Program Menu - Bypass BootingSupport

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  1. Techniq

    Techniq Member

    In the Program Menu (##PROGRAM aka ##7764726, pass 000000) I found a setting called Bypass Booting and was wondering what it was. It is set on Disable and I don't dare enable it so I was just wondering what it does and if it would help in any of our endeavors.

    I searched both the forums and Google and really haven't come up with any real results.

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  2. NE_Phil

    NE_Phil Well-Known Member

    This is probably something obvious to many of you but I want to know how you get to this? I tried it using the dialer but all it did was dial that number out.
  3. Techniq

    Techniq Member

    Not sure why the issue, I used the dialer entered the 2 pound symbols along with the code and hit the send/call button. Next the password box appeared and I was in.
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  4. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    If you have removed the hidden menu with titanium, this is what the hidden menu is.
  5. NE_Phil

    NE_Phil Well-Known Member

    Well, I figured it out. I was typing in the exact sequence of numbers (##776426) in Techniq's post instead of the sequence spelled out by the word PROGRAM (##7764726). You'll see he's missing the 3rd 7.
    If you don't type it in exactly then the phone dials out and verizon comes on the line and tells you that the call cannot be completed as dialed.
    Crisis averted. Thanks everyone!
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  6. danmarlin

    danmarlin New Member

    So does anyone know what enabling "Bypass booting" does?

    Edit: OK. Spun up courage and enabled "Bypass Booting", it did not change the "bootup" of my Commando one bit. No affect on the phone that I can tell.:rolleyes:
  7. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    could this unlock fastboot for our phones?!
  8. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    someone try this! i havent run my phone on the sdk, so i'm a little shy to try it in case i have to use that to restore it
  9. Techniq

    Techniq Member

    Sorry about that...post corrected.
  10. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

  11. r_hippy

    r_hippy Well-Known Member

    Thats sweet .. how did you figure that out > insert 2 thumbs up
  12. NorCalFF42

    NorCalFF42 Member

    Very interesting... is fastboot in our near future?? Will be following this thread....
  13. r_hippy

    r_hippy Well-Known Member

    search m130
    youll see not only fastboot but a exploit to root ;)
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  14. brooklyn227

    brooklyn227 Well-Known Member

    I use to plug in my phone while off and a battery icon would come up and show the phone charging, after changing the bypass booting my phone no longer does this, now it powers on without needing to push the power button. Now i can just connect a charger/usb from my computer, and it powers up.
  15. r_hippy

    r_hippy Well-Known Member

    Never noticed this since my phone is never off.
  16. Willster419

    Willster419 The Casio Smartphone Guru Guide

    another exploit!!!

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