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  1. Rangerdavid

    Rangerdavid Well-Known Member

    what do I need to sync my calendar to Outlook on my desktop?

    thanks in advance,



  2. FishenFool

    FishenFool Well-Known Member

    I would suggest DejaOffice (free) for the phone and Companion Link (paid after a trial) on the computer.
  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    MyPhoneExplorer for phone and computer.

    Both app and programme are totally free...


    Adressbook - with direct sync to Outlook, GMail, Windows contacts, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Lotus Notes and Tobit David
    Organizer with calendarview and direct sync to Outlook, Google, Sunbird, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Windows calendar(Vista), Rainlendar, Lotus Notes, Tobit David and net shared calendars (WebDAV, FTP, local)
    SMS - archive, export, import, excessive messages,...
    Filebrowser with cachesystem to minimize datatransfer, automatic photosync...
    Set phoneclock based on atomtime
    and much more. f.e.: calllists, edit profiles, control phone, memorystatus, phonemonitor,...

    I have used this to sync between Google, my phone and Windows for some four years now. Just pay careful attention to the PC setup and deselect any of the ad features that some idiots call viruses! ;)
  4. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure how up to date this information is, but this pages shows there are a ton of programs which do this.

    Sync Android/Droid with Outlook/Exchange

    I use Google Calendar Sync. It works really well. For contacts I use "Go Contact Sync Mod" which also works well. I found both of those on the page linked.
  5. GalaxyS2Kent

    GalaxyS2Kent Well-Known Member

    I use the sPlanner that comes on the S4. It syncs with my desktop Outlook 2007 just fine. Almost instantly in fact. Before that, I used "aCalendar", which also works fine. I should say, however, that I have my Outlook to sync with Google Calendar, so that may be why it works so well.
  6. RiverCity.45

    RiverCity.45 Member

    I store my calendar in Google Calendar and use Google Calendar Sync on my desktop to keep Outlook synched. Works very well. I just discovered, however, that it is no longer available from or supported by Google.
  7. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Are you sure? It always has been hard to find on Google's site. It's like they were trying to keep it a secret.
  8. GalaxyS2Kent

    GalaxyS2Kent Well-Known Member

    Still works on mine.... at least today at 4pm.
  9. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    It works on mine too. I think he's saying that it can no longer be downloaded from Google. I questioned that, indicating that it's always been hard to find. But maybe it is gone.
  10. RiverCity.45

    RiverCity.45 Member

    I didn't say it didn't work. I said just the opposite, in fact. "Works well" is in my post. Not sure what was unclear about that.
    What I said was that Google no longer supports it.
    "Google Calendar Sync is no longer available for download and it is no longer supported by Google. Existing users can continue to use it to sync with Microsoft Outlook Calendar."
  11. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Why would Google pull the program for download? That just seems vindictive. Leave it posted and don't support it.

    It's like Google Maps. I've never understood why they don't leave the older versions available for download. On my old D2G there was an update that didn't work on my phone, and the built in version was very old. It was a PITA until the next upgrade arrived.

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