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Proiximity Sensor - black screen problem

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  1. fonzman1983

    fonzman1983 New Member

    I've scoured the boards and internet to no avail.

    My phone is now rooted, it did not use to be. I've had this problem even before I rooted.

    By checking the proximity sensor with different apps, it does not respond. It keeps a value of 0.0.
    The light sensor DOES react.

    The phone goes black and is unresponsive during calls. Nothing will wake it up except plugging in to USB (strangely).

    Screen On, Keep Screen apps do not work.

    I've used 'Hardware disable' software and checked the 'capella 3602.0' driver to disable. Still doesnt work.

    I've also edited the build.prop file and added the line'gsm.proximity.enable=false' and that doesnt work.

    I'm running android 2.2.2.

    'Proximity screen off' app DOES work, it keeps the screen on during calls. BUT it kills my battery in 8 hours - sitting idle. I've disabled all settings in that app that say it will drain battery, but still does.


    I'm assuming this phones screen was replaced before I bought it, and I'm not good enough to take it apart.
    I'm looking for a Software work around.

    Thank you!!!

  2. fonzman1983

    fonzman1983 New Member

    This worked for me anyway.


    Android version 2.2.2


    I installed 'File Manager' and 'Hex Editor'. I also ended up installing 'Root Explorer'.

    I used file manager to copy the file from Android's system:

    sensors.liberty.so from the directory


    to my SD card.

    I then opened it and edited it with hex editor. Somewhere around line 209b where it begins to list the sensors, I changed the name of the 'proximity' sensor from saying 'cm3602' to 'zm3602'.
    Leave the light sensor name alone.
    Then, using 'root explorer' I copied the edited 'sensors.liberty.so' file and pasted/replaced the original one under /system/lib/hw.

    This no longer uses the proximity sensor!

    I hope this helps SOMEBODY because I've spent days on this.

    It works for me at least :)
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  3. Link1227

    Link1227 Member

    Thank You!

    I was tryin to figure it out cause Proximity screen off wasn't working for me
  4. nsmacd1

    nsmacd1 New Member

    Any clues as to how I could try this on a Huawei Ascend G300 running B934 as I am having the same issues - ie black screen and none of the screen-on apps work?

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit - I have managed to rename it, but get an error when trying to overwrite the current file (I have used the file r/rw app) - (I get the error Permission denied)

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