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Project BlueTooth GPS mouseTips

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  1. caved11

    caved11 Member

    Hi guys,
    i was digging around the net and found this text and i recreated it on my 10s:

    I used the GPS on my LG x2 sinse i lack a gps mouse atm but it totally worked. I was able to use the LG x2 phone as the gps mouse.

    The apps BlueGPS4Droid and GPS2BT really are freeware gems!
    So we can indeed use BT GPS devices, i would like to find out if we also can use usb gps dongles.

    Hope this helps
    Have fun!

  2. pranaymeher

    pranaymeher New Member

    Hey Guys,
    I installed Bluetooth GPS mouse on My Galaxy S2. Ever since it's installation my GPS indicator blinks whenever I use any GPS dependant application even though the GPS is switched off. Has anyone else encountered the same problem?

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