Project Gretel: CM7 for LG Ally

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  1. woodsxdragon

    woodsxdragon New Member

    i'm on velocity. i've tried using the adb to output the file but it keeps giving errors so i managed to do the first one and copy paste it. no clue on your second one. for the third i turned the phone on airplane, turned wifi on, turned wifi off, turned airplane off... do you want it? and once again on the 4th i've got no clue. do you want me to upload them?

    Gotta go to work soon. should be back later tonight. if you want me to send them let me know with an email. i'll put em on my phone so i could email them.

  2. biggiesmalls657

    biggiesmalls657 Well-Known Member

    Note: this is with the patch and the descriptions from the alpha
    Well i did have trouble with the dialer closing after making a call. I also did not recieve a call when called from a landline. I did not have 3g. the UI is fantastic though! Clicking airplane mode would not put the phone into air plane mode until i got the dialer to force close itself. gapps didnt have gmail in it? i seem not to be getting any service 1x or evdo now. i have a nandroid backup. i will be back to test once the radio is a little better. i unforunately need my phone (calls and txts). Sorry. But this is a great project and has potential, i mean look how good velocity turned out? if it wasnt for velocity, i would have told verizon to shove it...thanks devs : gnm, trident, death2all110

    thats weird...i set dialer to Cdma/gsm Auto prl and it works fine now? of coursei just started it.

    logcat for ally -

    D/dalvikvm( 1405): GC_CONCURRENT freed 820K, 42% free 5350K/9159K, external 1536 -
  3. lonewulf

    lonewulf Member

    Setup: Velocity 1.1 logcat while making a call and then hanging up.(while on 3g network) I/PHONE ( 1479): Network Mode set to 4 I/PHONE ( 1479): Cdma Subscription -

    2.standard targeted logcat while making a call and then hanging up.(while on 3g network) D/PhoneNumberUtils( 1479): IsEmergencyNumber: ril.ecclist is empty. Using - logcat while switching from wifi back to 3g. I/PHONE ( 1478): Network Mode set to 4 I/PHONE ( 1478): Cdma Subscription -

    4.standard targeted logcat while switching from wifi back to 3g. D/common2/downloadmanager( 2337): AppSettings should has been Initialized D/com -
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  4. lonewulf

    lonewulf Member

    Setup: Project Gretel build 5, w/new ril.

    This is logcat > logcat.txt w/wifi OFF and 3g data enabled while WEB BROWSING. Then Pressed Power button to put phone to sleep. Then SUCCESSFULLY resumed browsing on 3g. Then turned wifi ON(note:I have wifi AND 3g icons in upper Status/Notification bar)logcat stopped shortly after.

    --------- beginning of /dev/log/system I/Vold ( 1320): Vold 2.1 (the reven -

    FYI: 3g icon will go away when wifi ON after reboot.
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  5. lonewulf

    lonewulf Member

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  6. lonewulf

    lonewulf Member

    Setup: Project Gretel build 5 w/new ril.

    This is logcat -b radio > radiologcat.txt w/wifi OFF and 3g data enabled while WEB BROWSING(successfull web browsing).Then Airplane mode(Note:when going into airplane mode, I had no airplane icon in status/notification bar, and the option(AirPlane Mode) in power menu was all GREYED out, could not select.Bringing up Power menu again GREYED out Reboot option as well, could NOT select.I then Powered off phone.

    I/PHONE ( 1497): Network Mode set to 4 I/PHONE ( 1497): Cdma Subscription -

    FYI: after rebooting phone, airplane icon was in status/notification bar, AND when bringing up power menu, AirPlane mode, and Reboot options where NO LONGER "greyed" out, and was an option I COULD choose again.
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  7. lonewulf

    lonewulf Member

    Setup: Project Gretel build 6.

    logcat -b radio > radiologcat.txt of wifi off, and 3g data enabled while Successfully web browsing, and downloading app from market(stopped download at around 35% complete, My 3g connect in my area went bad, right after the tornados that ripped through the midwest a month ago)

    I/PHONE ( 1485): Network Mode set to 4 I/PHONE ( 1485): Cdma Subscription -

    logcat wifi off, 3g enabled, while web browsing(Successfull), went to two diff URLs'
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  8. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Well-Known Member Developer

    My most extensive log of logcats and bugs so we can squash
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  9. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Well-Known Member Developer

    With data enabled, data cannot be torn down to receive calls or texts.
  10. evildead29

    evildead29 New Member

    I'm using build #7 and so far.No 3g icon, while in a call can't use the dialpad or hang up. Other than that I'm good.
  11. bendabood

    bendabood Active Member

    You should read ALL of the posts by GNM before attempting to install this ROM. In his second post GNM explains a fix to both of your problems:

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  12. smyanks95

    smyanks95 Member

    ive read each post a few times at least for some reason i didnt see "On 1st boot you must make sure that cyanogenmod/settings/display settings:
    screen on and off animations are unchecked" befor i posted but i fixed it without even finding that. thanks for telling me i guess that i should go to bed already was up all night fixing the problems i was finding the major one was i didnt flash the rom right so i was at the boot screen over and over again.
  13. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    Im ah guess this project was shutdown or handed down to another ally developer but i would like to say it has potential.
    Not having a cellular radio isnt to bad when uve retired your device to a mobile pc which makes this firmware perfect for and being able to install all the latest apps on the ally.
    I played with it and tried debugging but with my knowledge of the sdk so far, i got no where cept for a few wtf moments. Hope to see this firmware continued or atleast integrated to another.
  14. inception

    inception Active Member

    Seriously, you guys need to be patient. GNM has taken a break from Android devlopment, and IMO, he deserves it. He's been working very hard on this, and he deserves alot more respect than this.
  15. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    Comments and other related material to other forum
    never meant any harm when i develop and support chinese wifi android tablets
    moderator from android tablet forum
  16. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Allow me to explain:

    Getitnowmarketing is a ROM Developer.
    ROM Developers are sanctioned by the site owner to set T&C for their forum(s).
    An example of such T&C is Post #4.
    Please read Post #20. Site Moderators are appointed by the site owner and admin.

    Any further non development-related chatter will result in infractions.

    There is more than enough bad feeling amongst developers in the Android community due to events in other sites. Android Forums will not be adding to it.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
  17. azuma73

    azuma73 Well-Known Member

    Is there an optional kernel for CM7 so I can run Voodoo sound app? It's pretty fun running CM7 on my old Ally for test purposes. I can be a bit more experimental with it and it's pretty easy to get it back to stock if something goes awry!!!! Thanks guys!!!:cool:
  18. jlufkin8276

    jlufkin8276 Member

    Hi...How exactly did you get CM7 on the Ally? I have been trying to figure out how. I am looking to get gingerbread 2.3 on my ally so i could stream netflix perfectly. It lags on 2.2 right now. Can you give me a detailed reply on how to do it successfully? My ally is already rooted with Velocity 1.1.
  19. azuma73

    azuma73 Well-Known Member

    Go to top of this thread and it gives you very specific instructions. Do it, it's really cool. I really dug Velocity since the beginning, but thought I'd try something new and waddaya know, it actually works quite nicely!!!!
    My ally isn't activated anymore, I just use it for testing and experimental purposes. I moved on to a Fascinate and it's pretty friggin' rad on that as well!!!!

    Flash this zip in recovery 1st

    Then flash Gapps zip immediately after

    password if asked for it

    And BAM---You have CM7 runnin' on your Ally!!!!!!:eek:
  20. azuma73

    azuma73 Well-Known Member

    Are we gonna see any fresh, new action from project Gretel anytime in the future(near or far)? I've been running it for a few weeks on my old Ally and I gotta say it seems pretty solid!?!?
    No pressure, just wonderin'!!!
  21. Ii12yanII

    Ii12yanII Member

    3g and wifi dont work at all
  22. azuma73

    azuma73 Well-Known Member

    Wifi works on mine (sporadically), that's the only way I can connect since it's not activated!?!?!:cool:
  23. Ii12yanII

    Ii12yanII Member

    i got the wifi and 3g to work but the phone part of the phone dosent work. i can send texts or make calls. other then that it worked flawlessly
  24. jlufkin8276

    jlufkin8276 Member

    I was able to put cm7 on my ally successfully but just trying to work out the bugs. Mostly the end call and dial pad. I will have to read through again to try to resolve. I saw the link for the patch...what exactly does that do to resolve any issues? Thanks cm7 crew.
  25. jlufkin8276

    jlufkin8276 Member

    I am looking for a stable version that I can download where I can make phone calls and receive them and have it function properly. Please let me know thank u.

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