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pronlems with usb conection GT-S5660Support

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  1. hilfer

    hilfer New Member

    Hi all:

    I have a GT-I8150 (galaxy w) and my wife a GT-S5660.

    I can connect my phone to PC with no problems to add videos musics etc...etc...

    However when trying to make the same with my wife's phone I can't.
    Phone is detected and batery is charging but impossible to add media.

    When I open "my computer" i can see it is there but as "removable storage device"
    whenever I click "open" I get a message: "insert disc on device " ???

    This is driving me crazy !!

    Can someone please help me ??

  2. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    What drivers you using??

    Same for both phones??

    Have you installed Kies?? [even just for drivers]...

    Are both phones recognized??
  3. hilfer

    hilfer New Member

    Drivers ??? what do you mean ???

    Not installed kies.Do you think it can help ??

    I don't know if recognized is the correct word: both phones start the battery charging, the only diference is that on "my computor" I see the phone icon of my galaxy W and for the one of my wife I get a "removable disk" and on my phone I can place any data I want and in my wife's phone I can not because when I try to "open" it , the message is : "insert disk on removable device".
    Same message as when I try to open my CD drive when it is empty.

    hope this explanation can help.
  4. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Well you see, as far as Windoze is concerned, you connect a device via USB....it could be any device...

    Wibdoze needs "driver" files installed so it knows how to handle any connected device!!

    These are usually specific to the device/phone/flash drive/USB Drive.
    Kies is a Samsung proprietary SW, a little like iTunes, which installs these drivers, as well as a lot of useless other stuff!!!

    W7 may have drivers for some devices, but not all.

    Here is one site from which you can d/l latest Kies.... which should have required drivers for your device(s)....

  5. hilfer

    hilfer New Member

    Hi dannymur:

    Just before your last reply I have installed Kies and it solved the problem.

    Tks for your time.
    dannymur likes this.

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